4 Important Elements That Should Not Be Missing From A Fitness Home Page

If you are a fitness specialist, you certainly know that first impressions matter a lot. You usually have a few minutes to impress a prospective client before he or she can decide to hire you as a personal trainer. If you think marketing yourself through a website is an easier option then you are terribly mistaken.

It is true that a great fitness website will go a long way in advancing your fitness career, but only if you do it right. You only have about 8 seconds to leave a permanent impression on any visitor to your site. It all starts with the home page. Here are some of the things to include on your home page to ensure the visitors remain on your site:

Description of the company and featured products

fitness-sThe main reason visitors come to your website is to find out more about you as a personal trainer, your company, services and products if any. Offer a precise description of your company and what you do. Mention the specific areas of specialization, and do not forget to be brief. Do not confuse the home page with the ‘About Us’ page, where you write about the company history, where you started how you go to that point and so on. It is also vital to highlight a few services or products you offer on the home page to keep the visitor interested.

Customer interaction

A fine way to show your visitors credibility right away is to integrate logos from well-known press, customers and affiliated companies on the home page. You can also opt to include a ‘call-to-action’ button to generate instant responses from your visitors. This will require them to sign up or sign in your website, thus staying longer on your site.

Events and news

Highlighting up-coming events and news on your home page is a fine way to let visitors know that your fitness website is up to date. For instance, you can include the dates of an up-coming fitness seminar; you can offer news for new methods of training, training equipment, facilities and such like stuff. However, avoid the temptation of allocating too much space for news and events on your home page. The idea is to show the headlines of these news events and link them with the actual pages on your site dedicated to the news and events.

Best visuals for your homepage

Just like a fit and healthy body is attractive to the eye, so is a visually appealing website. This means your overall look must be beautiful and inspiring. One way you can achieve that is by remaining relevant to your niche. It would not make any sense having a sports car background on your home page while you are talking about fitness.

When deciding what images to use on your homepage, ensure that they are not too big since they can affect the loading speed of the page. In addition, ensure that your visitors do not need to scroll right or left before they are able to see the information.

What Are The Fundamental Aspects Of A Lucrative Fitness Website?

If you are a fitness enthusiast on an upcoming personal trainer, an important way to market yourself is to create an effective website. Many new fitness experts are wondering how they can do that. There are numerous tools available out there, that can help you design a good website.

Nevertheless, you must realize that a fitness website is different from other websites. You must be able to focus on the value of fitness while not forgetting the business aspect. You must achieve three main things to if you want the website to be successful. These are:

Creation of valuable content

female-doing-aerobics-exercise-sThe success of any website starts and ends with valued content. There is no other way of going about it. If your readers value and enjoy what you write, they will certainly come back repeatedly. You must always remember the website is about your readers not you. It is vital to know who your audience is and what exactly they are looking for.

Some many want some advice on general health and fitness. Others want some insight on extreme strength training while others want to lose their body fat and enhance their appearance. One of the most amazing things about fitness is that you can approach the subject through numerous unique ways. Just chose one niche that you are passionate about and stick to it.

Channeling your content

There is a huge difference between generating great content and getting people to read it. It is fun to write as long as what you are creating is being read. Nothing is more frustrating that having a website that you and a few close people in your life only visit. Thus, you must learn to channel your content. Social media is here to stay.

Therefore, use Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube or one of the many social networks to spread word of your website. As long as you have great content on your site, then spreading the word will be so easy via these outlets. To be able to channel your content to popularize your site, you need a strong social media presence. Start by creating a Facebook page and a Twitter account for your business.

Being consistent

One of the most important aspects of keeping your website successful is to keep writing. Regardless of the climate, good days, or even bad days, you have to maintain consistency. Fitness is a continuous process and so should your blog. You have to keep adding new content to keep visitors coming back and not being disappointed every time. Starting a fitness website is easy but maintaining one takes real effort.

It is important to continue educating yourself through DVDs, seminars, webinars and such like things so that you will never run out of things to write for your website. You must also maintain a fitness routine and continue to train people. The more you strive to learn and develop, the more you will desire to share on your site. Your webpage will become an extension of your transformation.