What Kind Of Content Is Ideal For A Body Building Or Spa Website?


When starting a facility such as a gym or a spa, getting a website for it should always be a priority. The fact that many people spend a lot of time online means that this is a very good way for you to do marketing. It’s cheaper than other methods such as getting billboards and using the media to market the facility, but just as effective and sometimes bringing in even a higher conversion rate for profits. However, one thing you need to remember is that simply having a website is not all. You also need to work hard in order to turn it into a potent marketing tool. When you do this, you are unlikely to need to do any other form of marketing in order to promote the business. Some of the things you can do to leverage on this include:

Providing comprehensive information

The tendency for most gym and spa owners when designing a website for their businesses is taking things for granted too much. Getting a few generic pictures and content on the site is easy, but it will hardly win any hearts over. You should remember that by the time someone visits your site, chances are that they are very interested in whatever service you have to offer. You therefore need to come up with a way of convincing them that you can provide them with whatever they need. Some of the things you might need to address when coming up with such content includes:

• How much does it cost? Generally, people avoid having to post the prices of such services on their websites so as to encourage interested people to find out by visiting the premises. However, you should remember that with information so easy to get these days, this might not always work for you. If a potential customer visits the site and finds no price list, they might immediately leave, rather than go through the hassle of finding the information. Remember, the main point of having a website in the first place is to use it as a portal to provide information to customers in a more effective manner.

• What is different from the other service providers? When designing the content for the site, you also need to find something you can leverage on and entice customers to try out your services, as opposed to other similar businesses around. Is it that you offer better amenities, lower prices or unique services? This should be very clear on the website.

• Offer some freebies! You should also consider offering some freebies on the site to encourage people to tell other people about it. For instance, you could include a coupon code that entitles them to a discount on the service if they sign up on the website. You could even offer limited trials of your services to select customers.

The best way to figure out what to include in the site is to put yourself in the shoes of a regular customers. You should be able to understand their motivations and needs, and then address these on the website and in your business model.

Creating A Website For Your Gym: The Importance Of Proper Navigation


If you are starting a gym or other similar facility, one of the most important things you can do is to make sure that you get a website for it. Today, there are many people who use the internet to find various goods and services. Not leveraging on this to make your gym more marketable is going to deny you an opportunity to do some easy but very effective marketing. In addition to that, you can easily get a custom made site without much of a hassle these days means that you don’t even need to worry about issues regarding cost or the complexity of the process.

Making your site more practical

If you are thinking of getting a site for the business, you also need to keep in mind that not just anything can do. Most people that a site, even if it’s just a plain one, is likely to turn out to be more than okay for such an application. However, you need to remember that most people these days are internet savvy, and will demand for more than just a plan site. In fact, if you end up with one that is too basic, you may end up scaring them away rather than encouraging them to use the services you offer. It is for this reason that you should always try to make your site more special. One of the most important things you can do in this regard is make it easy to navigate.

What are some of the things you can do to make it more navigable?

There are many things that determine how navigable a site is. These include how easy it is to see the hyperlinks in the text, the nature of the toolbar, the quality of the footer and how visually complex the site is in general. These are things that you should therefore pay attention to when designing the site in order to ensure that people using it don’t have much of a problem with navigation.

For instance, you need to ensure that the hyperlinks are set up in such a manner that they are distinct from all other text on the pages, and that they are easy to find. It’s also very important that you avoid cramming too much data on the site in the form of widgets, images and text. This makes the site very busy, and can make it more difficult for people to figure out how to get from one resource to the other.

All in all, it’s important that you try to be very thorough when coming up with the site for your gym, spa or any other similar business. The issue of navigation is an example of one that you should never take for granted. Making sure that the site is intuitive and very easy to use is actually a very powerful marketing tool, and one that you can’t therefore afford to neglect.

After putting the above in mind in designing the site’s navigation, you might also want to have a third party try to use it in order to identify navigation problems before you launch the site. This is an easy way of catching mistakes that you might have otherwise missed out on.

What Other Types of Businesses Could BodySiteBuilder.com Could be Used For?

We know that Bodysitebuilder.com is mainly geared toward massage therapists, but some of the themes are easy to interchange across the holistic health board too.  They all have a calming link between them, and all have an underlying theme of becoming a better you without major surgery or prescription medications.  Remember, we can change anything on our templates to give it your business’s personality into your website. Here are just a couple of businesses that could use a BodySiteBuilder website:


1.)  Hypnotherapists

We know there are plenty of hypnotherapists out there that are too busy helping people to sit down and make a website.  We’ve seen some pretty bad designs out there, but none like some of the hypnotherapist’s websites.  Our sites would be much of a step up, and easily interchangeable with colors and texts.  We can insert any photo relating more to the hypnotherapy field, and we have an appointment feature built into the site, already for you to get your business rolling.


2.)  Yoga Instructors

Since most of our themes already have a “calming” theme to them, this would be most easy to make for your business.  Again, just switch out some of the photos for yoga photos, possibly of you in action while teaching. It’s ok to think outside the box, and ask us if we can change something to make it more personal to your business.


3.)  Acupuncturists

Something we’ve noticed here at BodySiteBuilder is the lack of websites for any acupuncturists.  We’re not completely sure why this is, but we are big fans of you acupuncturists out there, and want to help you grow your business as well as helping others.  We can help with your website, and change it to your preference.



4.) Chiropractors

Chiropractors are under the body worker umbrella so it already fits the themes we have.  Of course, we would change the content and photos to be more focused on the spine, neck, and your work.  With us, you are getting the most bang for your buck!


5.)  Nutritionists

Even though they are not technically body workers, they certainly do a lot of good changes in people and the bodies and minds.  Like hypnotherapists, we believe there is not enough good web design being done for these workers to give them justice.  That’s where we come in, and try to save your business, and give you a respectable website.



Why Business Cards are Still a Good Idea to Have?

In today’s technologically advanced world, some may say, “What’s the point of carrying business cards anymore?”  We’ve even questioned this ourselves, but in the long run, they still are an important factor in helping lead a successful business.  Business cards are just as relevant in today’s society, and used for as many purposes as they were 30 years ago.  Yes, we have social media and Internet connectivity, but lest we forget that we make business by communicating with clients and customers face to face, or at least by voice.   We have lost a sense of connection in the digital age that as simple of a device as a card can bring back.  Here are some ways it helps to carry business cards:

Showcase of Your Business’s Personality

It’s easy to go to one of these online, cheap print shops and use their business card templates (which a lot of people do), but this is not the best way to portray to your business, and impress your audience.  With those templates, they’re thousands of other businesses that have the same template, making your uniqueness get lost among the shuffle.  It’s ok to be original and innovative with your design of business card, and in fact, will help you stand out.  Check out these great examples of innovative designs to help get you started.

Physical Representation

A business card should also help with displaying a tone for your future clients.  This design of the card should help them determine if you have a more playful approach with your business, or if you have a more serious undertone.

You Can Leave Stacks of Them for Displays

Since these are easy to carry around in your pocket, it will be easy for you to leave stacks of them at restaurants, offices, or coffee shops that have displays for local businesses.  It’s always been a big help, and it’s a simple old school marketing tip.  Just bring it back to the basics. 


It Still Helps with Networking

Speaking of bringing it back to the basics, carrying a few business cards on you, ready to go, will help your networking opportunities by 100%.  This will help you boost your professional image in the eyes of others, making you seem trustworthy, and reliable.  It’s good to always keep a few on you, in your wallet, because you never know when your going to meet someone that could use your business, or your contact info in the future.