Putting Up A Boxing Coach’s Website?


Boxing is one of the most popular combat sports of today. There are tons of people out there who want to learn boxing. This is not a surprise. After all, boxing is not just a cool combat sport but it’s also really great for fitness training. And since there are so many out there who want to learn how to box, being a boxing coach is definitely a good idea.

Are you a boxing coach? You already have a website to advertise your services, don’t you? If you have a website, it is important for it to have good content so that it would get a lot of hits. Of course, a popular website is one that has very good content. If you do not have any idea what kind of good contents you can put in your website, here are some good examples:

The benefits of boxing

It is important for you r clients to know how boxing can be beneficial for them. You should try to focus on the specifics. For instance, a lot of people know that boxing is healthy. But in what way? Thus, you might want to have feature articles on how boxing can help improve one’s cardiovascular health or how this combat sport can help anybody get toned muscles. Other benefits of boxing you can feature include boxing as a form of self-defense and boxing as a recreational sport. Be convincing and you would definitely get more clients.

Inspirational stories of boxers

You are a teacher of boxing. Through those years in training, it is impossible for you not to have learned about boxing history. You might want to post amazing write-ups about boxers of the past. Try to focus on the ones that have very inspirational stories. Surely web viewers would want to reach such write-ups. Not only can they enjoy those things but they might also get inspired as well. You might also want to do feature articles regarding the greatest fights in the history of boxing. Surely you would get readers for those.

Diet tips for boxers

Your website must be a good source for dietary tips. When you train with your clients, you usually focus on physical workouts. But diet is very important in boxing. And once they get home, you have no idea as to what kinds of junk foods they are eating. Thus, you might want to post in your website some dietary plans and meal guides for your clients to follow.

The latest news in boxing

It might also be interesting to post articles about the latest news in boxing. You can have feature articles on upcoming fights. Who is going to fight who? What are the stakes for a particular fighter? Who was robbed of his belt and who robbed that belt from him? Has anybody been replaced in the pound for pound rankings? Are there any boxer boxing fans should definitely keep their eyes on? It is important to post fresh news as these are what viewers would love to see on your website.

Apply these tips and your website would definitely get more visitors. If you are planning to change the layout of your website, you can always get a template from Bodysitebuilder.

How To Be A More Convincing Personal Trainer


Are you a personal trainer? Personal trainers are in demand nowadays. After all, so many people are really concerned about their health. But of course, you have to make sure you stand out especially since there are also tons of personal trainers out there. Do you want to be a more convincing personal trainer and someone whom people would definitely want to hire? Here are some awesome tips for you to check out:

Your skills must be manifested in your body

You say that you can help people loose fat. You say that you can help those abdominal muscles that they yearn for. You say that you can help them look leaner and be stronger. All of these promises would be irrelevant if you are an obese and unhealthy-looking trainer. How can you help people have better health when you do not appear to have good health? When you include an image of you in a business card, poster, or website, make sure that you look like a person who practices what he preaches.

You must have a lot of positive feedback

Positive feedback from your previous clients is important. How else would target clients know that you are an effective trainer if nobody from your past clients is commending you? If you do not have positive reviews and nobody is recommending you, then others would think that you are a bad trainer. Of course, there are tons of people out there who are very skeptical about personal trainers that offer their services. So if you ever get positive reviews, make sure you include these things in your advertisement tools. The more your positive reviews are and the more flattering they are, the better.

You must be really willing to help

It is important for potential clients to see you as somebody who would really be willing to help. You should not be that kind of personal trainer who only wants to train clients and get their money. You must be that trainer who has a heart that really loves people. Clients like that. Your good intents must be manifested in the way you advertise as well as in the way you communicate to potential clients. Clients must feel that you are that somebody they can rely on.

You should have an easily accessible website for your online presence

Having a website is very important nowadays if you have a personal business. Almost everybody is online and that is why it is very practical to do your marketing online. If you have a website, you have your own presence in the World Wide Web. Now, your website must be something that does not simply pass satisfactory levels. It must be outstanding – organized and very navigable. If your clients are impressed with your website, then there is a big chance for them to hire you.

At Bodysitebuilder, we offer amazing web templates that are very suitable for personal trainers like you. When you do get a template from us, do consider applying the tips which have been mentioned above.