Use Your Personal Training Website To Engage Your Clients!


Having a personal training website is great, but you won’t get the desired results if you don’t look after it smartly on a regular basis. An online website is a platform between you and your clients, so you should take advantage of it in order to attract more customers and maintain friendly relationships with the current ones. Here are a couple of smart ways you can engage your clientele and make them become more interested in you, your personal training style, your fitness services and products, and your business!

Add interesting videos to your personal training website

Everyone loves to watch a video in order to get the information they need. Therefore, make sure that you dress comfortably, pick a nice spot in a gym club and you perform demonstrations of physical exercises you teach for your fitness trainings. If you explain everything very clearly and you have great communication skills, you will automatically attract a lot of persons who will become more interested in you and your services. Post such videos once in a while and ask your viewers for their questions or opinions to promote interactions.

Post informative articles

Informative articles like how-to’s and advice articles can be extremely helpful for the visitors of your personal training website and they will appreciate the sources of information they can learn about fitness. For example, you can write various types of articles about how to do proper warm-up before doing certain physical exercises, how much water it is recommended to drink each day, what to do in the case of a physical injury, and etc. Your fitness website visitors will start to follow such informative articles and they will come back for more on a regular basis. In addition, they will share these articles with their social circle, helping you gain exposure!

Post motivational sayings and funny images

Another great way you can engage your clients and visitors is by motivating them to work out every day with various inspirational quotes, famous sayings, interesting images, jokes and so on. A dose of humor is always welcomed and recommended on your fitness website, so don’t forget to use it once in a while. These types of content do get viral easily so if you play your cards right, this is a winner for you!

Create a comment section for your visitors

Once you have offered a plethora of materials to your clients, now you should let them comment and express their opinions. Therefore, make sure that you have a comment section on your fitness website and you engage in conversations with your users as much as possible. If your visitors see that you take your time to respond to their question and offer a multitude of useful pieces of advice, they will see you as a professional and even as a friend – they will gain more confidence in you!

Introduce yourself as a personal trainer well

This is so important, especially for a personal training site. What you are selling is mainly you as a product as well as your knowledge to help others in getting fit or ripped muscles. You shouldn’t hide from your clients and visitors because they would want know more about your experiences, your fitness background, your studies, and your overall fitness lifestyle. Therefore, make sure that you introduce on your site. This will make your visitors see you as a trustworthy personal trainer.

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Making Your Fitness Website More Attractive


Taking advantage of the internet is a great idea if want to promote your fitness knowledge and motivate people to work out more often. Your fitness website can also help you find more clients, gain more credibility and make more money in the long run as well. Therefore, it is highly recommended to frequently update your fitness website and improve it as much as you can. Here are a couple of interesting tips and tricks you might want to put into practice in order to make your fitness website more attractive and eye-catching to your traffic.

1. Make your fitness website load faster. Time is precious for all of us and obviously, you don’t want your visitors to wait a very long period of time before they can see your website. They might become impatient, frustrated and they will leave quickly. In order to avoid this, make sure that you increase the loading speed of your website by removing unnecessary items from its web pages. As a result, your visitors will be able to find what they need quickly and they will become more interested in your fitness routines or fitness products you sell.

2. Make your fitness website pleasant to the eye. This can be achieved relatively simply. Just make sure that the design of your website doesn’t feature extremely bold colors or unattractive combinations of nuances which might make the eyes tired. Instead, opt for neutral colors which blend with each other perfectly which will give your visitors a great user experience.

3. Make your fitness website balanced in terms of content. In a similar fashion, it would be great if you find a way to balance the content on your website. For example, make sure that there are not too much long texts. For images, avoid extremes because no images or too many images with no text on your web pages will not please your users too. Try to find the perfect combination between text and image on all your fitness web pages and the result will be sublime and eye-catching.

4. Make your fitness website available for mobile phone usage. These days, pretty much everyone navigates on the internet using a mobile phone and you should take advantage of this by making your fitness website optimized for such devices. Just make sure that the mobile version of your website features the correct resolutions so it allows the visitor to easily access the web pages he is interested in and it allows him to find important information about your business with little to no effort.

5. Make sure that your fitness website doesn’t have grammar errors. Believe it or not, poor grammar and similar errors on your texts and articles can make the visitors think that you are unprofessional. You can actually lose a lot of clients because of this, so make sure that you proofread your texts before posting them on your web pages and you will have more peace of mind.

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