5 Best Personal Training Templates For Your Fitness Website


If you are designing a fitness website, one of the easiest ways to go about it is by using a web design template. Using one of these, you can have a high quality website up and running in virtually no time, and all without having to worry about issues such as complex underlying code. Bodysite Builder has a number of templates that are more than ideal for use in designing a personal training website. Five of the more popular of these templates include:

Fast Track

This is a template that goes easy on the eye, with a minimalist but elegant look. The template has minimal clutter, which means that people seeing any site based off it will find it easy to navigate and find the information that they need. The fact that it is a no-frills template also means that maintaining it is very easy as well.


If you are interested in having a website that has lots of information laid out in a manner that is not overwhelming, this template is the best one for you. At first glance, it looks simple enough, without any clutter or too much media. However, each page has the potential to hold lots of information and links to other utilities and pages.


The vital template is designed to offer essential information on the web page in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Links to other pages within the site are via tabs, which gives the page a clean, elegant look. It also has just enough room for a few images to give the page some life, but without overloading it with media. The fact that this template is so simple also means that the resultant websites are likely to be less data intensive for your potential customers. In fact, the site is likely to open fast, even when viewed from a mobile device!


There are times when you may want the page to be bold and attractive, and the Vision template would be the best candidate for this. You can use multiple colors as the backgrounds for the top and bottom of the page. This allows you to use color combinations that evoke mental images of activity and vigor, which is what you want when designing a fitness website. When you combine this with the appropriate pictures, you will end up with a site that will make people want to try out your services even before reading the text on the page.


This template makes use of comforting, earthy colors for the background. It has also been laid out in such a manner that all the important links are visible and within easy reach. Your customers are unlikely to have a difficult time finding whatever they want on the site if you use this template to put up your site. It also has a professional look and feel, which gives your business the same powerful impression.

These are just 5 of the more popular fitness templates you can get from Bodysite Builder. If you want to build such a website to look professional without having to spend much money on it, you could simply visit the site to explore the above and many other templates to select the one that suits your needs.