Use Your Personal Training Website To Engage Your Clients!


Having a personal training website is great, but you won’t get the desired results if you don’t look after it smartly on a regular basis. An online website is a platform between you and your clients, so you should take advantage of it in order to attract more customers and maintain friendly relationships with the current ones. Here are a couple of smart ways you can engage your clientele and make them become more interested in you, your personal training style, your fitness services and products, and your business!

Add interesting videos to your personal training website

Everyone loves to watch a video in order to get the information they need. Therefore, make sure that you dress comfortably, pick a nice spot in a gym club and you perform demonstrations of physical exercises you teach for your fitness trainings. If you explain everything very clearly and you have great communication skills, you will automatically attract a lot of persons who will become more interested in you and your services. Post such videos once in a while and ask your viewers for their questions or opinions to promote interactions.

Post informative articles

Informative articles like how-to’s and advice articles can be extremely helpful for the visitors of your personal training website and they will appreciate the sources of information they can learn about fitness. For example, you can write various types of articles about how to do proper warm-up before doing certain physical exercises, how much water it is recommended to drink each day, what to do in the case of a physical injury, and etc. Your fitness website visitors will start to follow such informative articles and they will come back for more on a regular basis. In addition, they will share these articles with their social circle, helping you gain exposure!

Post motivational sayings and funny images

Another great way you can engage your clients and visitors is by motivating them to work out every day with various inspirational quotes, famous sayings, interesting images, jokes and so on. A dose of humor is always welcomed and recommended on your fitness website, so don’t forget to use it once in a while. These types of content do get viral easily so if you play your cards right, this is a winner for you!

Create a comment section for your visitors

Once you have offered a plethora of materials to your clients, now you should let them comment and express their opinions. Therefore, make sure that you have a comment section on your fitness website and you engage in conversations with your users as much as possible. If your visitors see that you take your time to respond to their question and offer a multitude of useful pieces of advice, they will see you as a professional and even as a friend – they will gain more confidence in you!

Introduce yourself as a personal trainer well

This is so important, especially for a personal training site. What you are selling is mainly you as a product as well as your knowledge to help others in getting fit or ripped muscles. You shouldn’t hide from your clients and visitors because they would want know more about your experiences, your fitness background, your studies, and your overall fitness lifestyle. Therefore, make sure that you introduce on your site. This will make your visitors see you as a trustworthy personal trainer.

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Making Your Fitness Website More Attractive


Taking advantage of the internet is a great idea if want to promote your fitness knowledge and motivate people to work out more often. Your fitness website can also help you find more clients, gain more credibility and make more money in the long run as well. Therefore, it is highly recommended to frequently update your fitness website and improve it as much as you can. Here are a couple of interesting tips and tricks you might want to put into practice in order to make your fitness website more attractive and eye-catching to your traffic.

1. Make your fitness website load faster. Time is precious for all of us and obviously, you don’t want your visitors to wait a very long period of time before they can see your website. They might become impatient, frustrated and they will leave quickly. In order to avoid this, make sure that you increase the loading speed of your website by removing unnecessary items from its web pages. As a result, your visitors will be able to find what they need quickly and they will become more interested in your fitness routines or fitness products you sell.

2. Make your fitness website pleasant to the eye. This can be achieved relatively simply. Just make sure that the design of your website doesn’t feature extremely bold colors or unattractive combinations of nuances which might make the eyes tired. Instead, opt for neutral colors which blend with each other perfectly which will give your visitors a great user experience.

3. Make your fitness website balanced in terms of content. In a similar fashion, it would be great if you find a way to balance the content on your website. For example, make sure that there are not too much long texts. For images, avoid extremes because no images or too many images with no text on your web pages will not please your users too. Try to find the perfect combination between text and image on all your fitness web pages and the result will be sublime and eye-catching.

4. Make your fitness website available for mobile phone usage. These days, pretty much everyone navigates on the internet using a mobile phone and you should take advantage of this by making your fitness website optimized for such devices. Just make sure that the mobile version of your website features the correct resolutions so it allows the visitor to easily access the web pages he is interested in and it allows him to find important information about your business with little to no effort.

5. Make sure that your fitness website doesn’t have grammar errors. Believe it or not, poor grammar and similar errors on your texts and articles can make the visitors think that you are unprofessional. You can actually lose a lot of clients because of this, so make sure that you proofread your texts before posting them on your web pages and you will have more peace of mind.

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Putting Up A Boxing Coach’s Website?


Boxing is one of the most popular combat sports of today. There are tons of people out there who want to learn boxing. This is not a surprise. After all, boxing is not just a cool combat sport but it’s also really great for fitness training. And since there are so many out there who want to learn how to box, being a boxing coach is definitely a good idea.

Are you a boxing coach? You already have a website to advertise your services, don’t you? If you have a website, it is important for it to have good content so that it would get a lot of hits. Of course, a popular website is one that has very good content. If you do not have any idea what kind of good contents you can put in your website, here are some good examples:

The benefits of boxing

It is important for you r clients to know how boxing can be beneficial for them. You should try to focus on the specifics. For instance, a lot of people know that boxing is healthy. But in what way? Thus, you might want to have feature articles on how boxing can help improve one’s cardiovascular health or how this combat sport can help anybody get toned muscles. Other benefits of boxing you can feature include boxing as a form of self-defense and boxing as a recreational sport. Be convincing and you would definitely get more clients.

Inspirational stories of boxers

You are a teacher of boxing. Through those years in training, it is impossible for you not to have learned about boxing history. You might want to post amazing write-ups about boxers of the past. Try to focus on the ones that have very inspirational stories. Surely web viewers would want to reach such write-ups. Not only can they enjoy those things but they might also get inspired as well. You might also want to do feature articles regarding the greatest fights in the history of boxing. Surely you would get readers for those.

Diet tips for boxers

Your website must be a good source for dietary tips. When you train with your clients, you usually focus on physical workouts. But diet is very important in boxing. And once they get home, you have no idea as to what kinds of junk foods they are eating. Thus, you might want to post in your website some dietary plans and meal guides for your clients to follow.

The latest news in boxing

It might also be interesting to post articles about the latest news in boxing. You can have feature articles on upcoming fights. Who is going to fight who? What are the stakes for a particular fighter? Who was robbed of his belt and who robbed that belt from him? Has anybody been replaced in the pound for pound rankings? Are there any boxer boxing fans should definitely keep their eyes on? It is important to post fresh news as these are what viewers would love to see on your website.

Apply these tips and your website would definitely get more visitors. If you are planning to change the layout of your website, you can always get a template from Bodysitebuilder.

How To Be A More Convincing Personal Trainer


Are you a personal trainer? Personal trainers are in demand nowadays. After all, so many people are really concerned about their health. But of course, you have to make sure you stand out especially since there are also tons of personal trainers out there. Do you want to be a more convincing personal trainer and someone whom people would definitely want to hire? Here are some awesome tips for you to check out:

Your skills must be manifested in your body

You say that you can help people loose fat. You say that you can help those abdominal muscles that they yearn for. You say that you can help them look leaner and be stronger. All of these promises would be irrelevant if you are an obese and unhealthy-looking trainer. How can you help people have better health when you do not appear to have good health? When you include an image of you in a business card, poster, or website, make sure that you look like a person who practices what he preaches.

You must have a lot of positive feedback

Positive feedback from your previous clients is important. How else would target clients know that you are an effective trainer if nobody from your past clients is commending you? If you do not have positive reviews and nobody is recommending you, then others would think that you are a bad trainer. Of course, there are tons of people out there who are very skeptical about personal trainers that offer their services. So if you ever get positive reviews, make sure you include these things in your advertisement tools. The more your positive reviews are and the more flattering they are, the better.

You must be really willing to help

It is important for potential clients to see you as somebody who would really be willing to help. You should not be that kind of personal trainer who only wants to train clients and get their money. You must be that trainer who has a heart that really loves people. Clients like that. Your good intents must be manifested in the way you advertise as well as in the way you communicate to potential clients. Clients must feel that you are that somebody they can rely on.

You should have an easily accessible website for your online presence

Having a website is very important nowadays if you have a personal business. Almost everybody is online and that is why it is very practical to do your marketing online. If you have a website, you have your own presence in the World Wide Web. Now, your website must be something that does not simply pass satisfactory levels. It must be outstanding – organized and very navigable. If your clients are impressed with your website, then there is a big chance for them to hire you.

At Bodysitebuilder, we offer amazing web templates that are very suitable for personal trainers like you. When you do get a template from us, do consider applying the tips which have been mentioned above.

How to Turn Your Fitness Knowledge Into Cash Online


If you are a fitness professional and you’re interested in working online or just earning a little cash to supplement you’re current income then you’re in luck. Fitness and health are huge industries online and are some of the most popular niches for websites, eBooks and a range of services. All you need to decide is which business model appeals to you most.

Services Vs Products

To this end you can roughly divide your options into two. On the one hand you can provide some kind of service and get paid for the amount of work you do, or on the other you can sell a product and potentially get money passively while you sleep. A passive business model that makes money while you sleep might sound like a great idea and indeed it’s a good goal to aim for, but bear in mind that services tend to provide you with more reliable income that will pay out much faster as well.

Examples of Services

The most obvious service to provide as a fitness expert is personal training and you can easily offer this online by working through Skype, through e-mail or through other services. Of course this doesn’t give you the same hands-on benefits that you would get from standing next to your client in the gym yelling at them to carry on, but you can still help design a great training program and then talk them through it. You can sell these from a website and there are many sites that offer personal training website templates. Another option is to use a site like Fiverr to drum up some quick business initially and then to try to expand that clientele.

Other services could also include fitness writing – you could write for other fitness websites – or even modelling if you have a muscular physique yourself.

Examples of Products

The easiest product to sell in the fitness niche is an eBook which should have an eye-grabbing title and a ‘landing page’ to help promote it. Failing that, you could alternatively use your website itself to bring money in by using advertising to sell other people’s products.

Similarly you can sell an app on the Play Store or on iTunes, or you can create a YouTube channel and then monetise that with advertising. People search for workouts and fitness advice on YouTube all the time, so if you upload regular videos and then include adverts on them you can quickly rack up an impressive amount of income for doing relatively little. Physical products work too, and if you can find an easy way to manufacture and ship them this is actually still the best way to make money online – studies show that people are more likely to spend money on a physical product than an e-book or ecourse.

Of course there’s also the option to think outside the box and to come up with something different – the web is a fantastic tool for bringing business ideas to fruition so get creative and there’s no telling what you might achieve!

Why the Insanity Workout and P90X Were So Successful


Anyone hoping to make money online in the fitness niche is probably at least somewhat envious of the success of Sean T and his ‘Insanity Workout’. This is a workout that has sold in the millions for a large amount of money and that has pretty much become a house-hold name. It’s the ultimate example of a successful informational program and it’s made the creator incredibly rich and well-known.

So if you’re a personal trainer and you have the skills, it makes a lot of sense to see if you can potentially emulate some of that success.

But just what is it that made Insanity and other programs like it so successful? What’s the secret? And how can you have the same kind of luck?

The Value Proposition

The first thing that makes all these kinds of products so popular is the very clear ‘value proposition’ they offer. ‘Value proposition’ is essentially the key element of whatever it is you’re offering – the net result that people hope to gain by using your product. The Insanity Workout promises to give you a great body, but more than that it also promises to give you great abs, lots of confidence and more attractiveness to the opposite sex. That is where the value proposition really lies.

As a fitness expert your value proposition is naturally going to be similar, but it make sure you make this front and centre in your marketing and keep it as one of the key messages.


Another reason that these programs work so well is that they’re simple and straight forward. These programs lay out a precise workout that anyone can do and then instruct them on precisely when and how they should do them. There is no room for error, and the user can be pretty much guaranteed that by following the routine they will gain some positive results.


All these workouts are also generally very intense. This is very important, because less intensive programs and diets stand the chance of not working. If someone is going to dedicate 90 days to a set program they want to know that it is going to work, and so you making it more intense will actually make it more attractive to the buyer. As long as it’s simple…

Other Points to Consider

Bear in mind though that a product – no matter how good – will never sell itself. If you really want your ebook or course to sell then you need to look into personal trainer websites and advertising to try and spread the word.

Note too that the world is a different place now compared with when these other products were released. Why? Because those products were released and now you’ll have to compete with them. Thus it can be a good idea for anyone trying to emulate that success to a) differentiate themselves significantly and b) potentially aim at a specific portion of the market.

You still can’t guarantee the same success, but even a fraction will be enough for most people!

5 Tips to Expand Your Massage Business’ Twitter

So you have your massage therapy business website up and running, and all signed up for social media aspects such as Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.  Now the next step is to expand your Twitter account, and reach a wider audience for your massage therapy business to flourish.  It’s really simple, and requires a little practice, but with some patience and so time, you will see how much it can really help your business!

arrowtemplate 2

1.) Follow Local

Following people is easy, and getting to know your local market is important.  You are more likely to get people to follow you back if they see you are in the same area, and that you’re a trusted source.

2.) Give Incentives for Only Your Twitter Followers

Give your followers a treat by telling only they can come in and get 25% off of a massage if they book today, and use the code: RELAX.  Of course, you would tailor this for your massage business’s liking.

3.) Retweet Tweets!

Take five minutes out of your day, and scroll the Twitter feed, and retweet your favorite tweets.  Seriously, it’s just that simple!  This helps with exposure to potential followers, and ultimately, potential clients for your massage therapy business.

4.) Post Your News

Tweet it loud, and tweet it proud!  Give your followers an idea of who you are, and give your business a voice.  You’d be surprised by how much this will attract the clients you are looking to gain.

5.) Tweet As Often As Possible

It’s really as simple as that.  Tweet as much as you can.  Twitter is loaded with updates, so it’s easy to get lost in the feed.  It helps to post often, and of quality tweets.

Mobile Marketing – Developing A Loyal Client Base For Your Massage Business


Trying to conquer the ever-changing social media frontier can be an endless and time-consuming process for any massage therapy business. The popularity of mobile devices has meant that most people are more likely to use their mobile gadgets to access the internet. Mobile marketing is an easy to use form of technology that requires very little time and investment. You can generate repeat business without spending money on costly advertising.

When you decide to use mobile marketing to engage your clients, you need to find out the most effective way to utilize the tools available. Following are some useful tips that will come in handy.

Using incentives

One great way to build loyalty among your current clients is by offering incentives to get them to register for your mobile club. Offering a discount is a great incentive that is bound to get you the attention you need. After the first appointment, give the clients a card that offers them a discount when they sign up to receive the messages that you post. Most people will respond positively to this type of message because they know they will save money.

Engage readers

To ensure success, it is important to give people a reason to keep coming back. Once the clients have signed on to receive the messages, you need to find the best way to encourage them to stay loyal. The content you include in the messages will determine whether or not they keep returning and you should consider including information like any new services you offer. Send out holiday greetings, surveys and other messages that will engage your readers.

Send reminders

Regular messaging will help to keep your clients loyal. Keep the communication coming during slow and busy seasons. Do not wait until you have a slump in business to start sending messages. You can increase sales when the business is slow, while also sending the clients reminders and special offers. Research has shown that many people prefer getting text messages than actual calls for non-social or business communication. This is usually the easiest way to communicate and you can reach many people with one message.

Using phone apps

It is important to know that today there is an App for virtually anything. Different tech tools come in very handy for massage businesses. The apps are useful for communication and also as a way to make mobile payments. The convenience of the apps will allow you to conduct your business without issues, by allowing you to streamline your business activities. Online scheduling is made easy using the handy apps because you can schedule your clients from any location.

Engaging your customers through social media will help to ensure that your business remains relevant. It is important to go where the clients are in order to get their attention. Any business that hopes to grow in the current business environment has to use the technology regularly. By engaging your clients using social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Vimeo, and Pinterest, it can allow you to promote your business as being modern, vibrant and exciting.

Important Tips For Responding To Your Clients’ Feedback Online


Word spreads at lightning speed in these days of the internet and an active social media industry. A single message can reach millions of people online within minutes. Social media sites are important platforms that are changing the face of business. Through the sites, consumers are able to share their experiences, and they also give their opinions about the services they get. As a massage business owner, you have to ensure that you are constantly informed so that you get the chance to be a part of the conversation.

If you are diligent and diplomatic about monitoring and responding to your clients’ feedback on your social media platforms, you are going to see a positive difference in your business. The regular communication will give you insight into what your clients feel and where you can make improvements in your practice. You will also come across as a business that is concerned about its clients. Any time you receive a new review or comment on your site, there are factors to consider before responding.

Determine if a response is warranted

The first thing you need to do when you receive a new review is to decide if you should respond to it. You should determine if it warrants a response based on the content of the message, whether it is positive or negative. It is important to know that people are different and the content might be constructive criticism or it can be unjustifiably negative. If it is simply someone trying to vent through unfair comments, it may be best to simply leave it alone to avoid stoking the fire. Most reviews tend to have a neutral or positive tone and they are constructive enough to warrant a response.

Choosing the best response avenue

When you decide to respond, you need to choose the best tool for the job. You can decide to respond directly to the client by sending a private message that is only visible to the individual. You can also opt for a public comment appearing beneath the review and this will be open for everyone to see. The method you choose will depend on the message you are responding to and you need to be careful about how you respond. An open response may be the best solution when you consider that all those who saw the review in the first place want to know what you have to say.

Creating a good impression

You need to come up with a response that will create a good impression for your business. Always remain professional and avoid getting into a war of words when responding to reviews. Remember to thank the writer for the feedback and use the opportunity to share progress reports or updates that may have been made as a response to the feedback. Your response can be a great opportunity to give updates on what your business is offering. Always remember to pay attention to the happy clients and send them a message thanking them for their support and review.

Receiving client feedback is a valuable opportunity that helps you to make changes or improvements to your business. It can help you to build stronger relationships and it can even help to attract new clients. You should never miss the chance to take full control of the online reputation of your business.

6 Ways To Make A Physical Therapy Website More Rewarding


We are currently living in the age of information and people will often first seek solutions to their medical problems online before deciding whether or not it’s necessary to schedule a doctor’s appointment. Physical therapy constitutes a key component in the treatment of mobility impairment conditions, but most of the patients are still completely unaware of its benefits. Moreover, due to the underlying nature of “referral business” proprietary to a physical therapy office, it’s not exactly easy to convince a patient that you represent the answer to his physical problems.

Therefore, in the light of these facts, establishing a solid online presence is mandatory for the success of your practice. The following guide will list six ways to ensure that your website is ready to start reeling in patients.

1. Personalized domain names shout “professionalism”

A personalized domain – preferably proudly wearing the moniker of your practice – will help customers remember you easier. There are numerous hosting providers to choose from, so pick the one that offers the customization options required by your website, reliable services and decent rates. In addition, the domain name of your email address(es) should match the domain of the website. Stay away from @yahoo or @gmail for your inbox.

2. First impression counts more than you think

Your website constitutes the potential customer’s way to determine the reliability of their referrals, which means that first impressions could make the difference between choosing your practice and taking their business elsewhere. Therefore, the website should be the epitome of professionalism, from the design of the logo to the layout of the page and the accessibility of the content.

3. Search Engine friendliness ranks your webpages higher

Since your business is local, you won’t need to invest thousands and thousands of dollars in SEO services that can rank you number one in Google worldwide. However, you should ensure that the SEO company of your choice is familiar with the best legal practices and only relies on white hat techniques to rank your page.

4. Stepping up the game with unique, attractive offers

Keeping in mind that even at local level there are probably several competitors in the physical therapy niche, you need to convince potential customers that you’re the one they want to work with. Therefore, discounts, promotions, coupons and other marketing gimmicks are your best friends.

5. Offering extensive resources on physical therapy

As previously mentioned, patients will often search for the symptoms of their condition in order to determine whether they should to undergo therapy. Offering them the medical resources in a clear and concise form on your website could be the nudge they need to visit offices and schedule an appointment.

6. Diversify your offers and payment methods

Enabling potential customers to schedule appointments and fill the forms required before checking in on your website rather than spending hours in line saves both parties a lot of time. Furthermore, adding a plethora of online payment options enables you to reach a wider audience and seal the deal. On a side note, your site can also become an affiliate marketing tool for physical therapy specific equipment, for extra income.