Use Your Personal Training Website To Engage Your Clients!


Having a personal training website is great, but you won’t get the desired results if you don’t look after it smartly on a regular basis. An online website is a platform between you and your clients, so you should take advantage of it in order to attract more customers and maintain friendly relationships with the current ones. Here are a couple of smart ways you can engage your clientele and make them become more interested in you, your personal training style, your fitness services and products, and your business!

Add interesting videos to your personal training website

Everyone loves to watch a video in order to get the information they need. Therefore, make sure that you dress comfortably, pick a nice spot in a gym club and you perform demonstrations of physical exercises you teach for your fitness trainings. If you explain everything very clearly and you have great communication skills, you will automatically attract a lot of persons who will become more interested in you and your services. Post such videos once in a while and ask your viewers for their questions or opinions to promote interactions.

Post informative articles

Informative articles like how-to’s and advice articles can be extremely helpful for the visitors of your personal training website and they will appreciate the sources of information they can learn about fitness. For example, you can write various types of articles about how to do proper warm-up before doing certain physical exercises, how much water it is recommended to drink each day, what to do in the case of a physical injury, and etc. Your fitness website visitors will start to follow such informative articles and they will come back for more on a regular basis. In addition, they will share these articles with their social circle, helping you gain exposure!

Post motivational sayings and funny images

Another great way you can engage your clients and visitors is by motivating them to work out every day with various inspirational quotes, famous sayings, interesting images, jokes and so on. A dose of humor is always welcomed and recommended on your fitness website, so don’t forget to use it once in a while. These types of content do get viral easily so if you play your cards right, this is a winner for you!

Create a comment section for your visitors

Once you have offered a plethora of materials to your clients, now you should let them comment and express their opinions. Therefore, make sure that you have a comment section on your fitness website and you engage in conversations with your users as much as possible. If your visitors see that you take your time to respond to their question and offer a multitude of useful pieces of advice, they will see you as a professional and even as a friend – they will gain more confidence in you!

Introduce yourself as a personal trainer well

This is so important, especially for a personal training site. What you are selling is mainly you as a product as well as your knowledge to help others in getting fit or ripped muscles. You shouldn’t hide from your clients and visitors because they would want know more about your experiences, your fitness background, your studies, and your overall fitness lifestyle. Therefore, make sure that you introduce on your site. This will make your visitors see you as a trustworthy personal trainer.

By the way, if you don’t currently have a personal training website and you want to get one right away then you are on the right site! We offer beautiful and attractive personal training website templates at affordable prices and we can help you edit it and customize it in any way you want too.

Making Your Fitness Website More Attractive


Taking advantage of the internet is a great idea if want to promote your fitness knowledge and motivate people to work out more often. Your fitness website can also help you find more clients, gain more credibility and make more money in the long run as well. Therefore, it is highly recommended to frequently update your fitness website and improve it as much as you can. Here are a couple of interesting tips and tricks you might want to put into practice in order to make your fitness website more attractive and eye-catching to your traffic.

1. Make your fitness website load faster. Time is precious for all of us and obviously, you don’t want your visitors to wait a very long period of time before they can see your website. They might become impatient, frustrated and they will leave quickly. In order to avoid this, make sure that you increase the loading speed of your website by removing unnecessary items from its web pages. As a result, your visitors will be able to find what they need quickly and they will become more interested in your fitness routines or fitness products you sell.

2. Make your fitness website pleasant to the eye. This can be achieved relatively simply. Just make sure that the design of your website doesn’t feature extremely bold colors or unattractive combinations of nuances which might make the eyes tired. Instead, opt for neutral colors which blend with each other perfectly which will give your visitors a great user experience.

3. Make your fitness website balanced in terms of content. In a similar fashion, it would be great if you find a way to balance the content on your website. For example, make sure that there are not too much long texts. For images, avoid extremes because no images or too many images with no text on your web pages will not please your users too. Try to find the perfect combination between text and image on all your fitness web pages and the result will be sublime and eye-catching.

4. Make your fitness website available for mobile phone usage. These days, pretty much everyone navigates on the internet using a mobile phone and you should take advantage of this by making your fitness website optimized for such devices. Just make sure that the mobile version of your website features the correct resolutions so it allows the visitor to easily access the web pages he is interested in and it allows him to find important information about your business with little to no effort.

5. Make sure that your fitness website doesn’t have grammar errors. Believe it or not, poor grammar and similar errors on your texts and articles can make the visitors think that you are unprofessional. You can actually lose a lot of clients because of this, so make sure that you proofread your texts before posting them on your web pages and you will have more peace of mind.

If you are interested in getting a fitness website up in just a couple of minutes and for an affordable price, make sure that you give us a call today and pick from our wide selection of specially-designed fitness website templates!

Putting Up A Boxing Coach’s Website?


Boxing is one of the most popular combat sports of today. There are tons of people out there who want to learn boxing. This is not a surprise. After all, boxing is not just a cool combat sport but it’s also really great for fitness training. And since there are so many out there who want to learn how to box, being a boxing coach is definitely a good idea.

Are you a boxing coach? You already have a website to advertise your services, don’t you? If you have a website, it is important for it to have good content so that it would get a lot of hits. Of course, a popular website is one that has very good content. If you do not have any idea what kind of good contents you can put in your website, here are some good examples:

The benefits of boxing

It is important for you r clients to know how boxing can be beneficial for them. You should try to focus on the specifics. For instance, a lot of people know that boxing is healthy. But in what way? Thus, you might want to have feature articles on how boxing can help improve one’s cardiovascular health or how this combat sport can help anybody get toned muscles. Other benefits of boxing you can feature include boxing as a form of self-defense and boxing as a recreational sport. Be convincing and you would definitely get more clients.

Inspirational stories of boxers

You are a teacher of boxing. Through those years in training, it is impossible for you not to have learned about boxing history. You might want to post amazing write-ups about boxers of the past. Try to focus on the ones that have very inspirational stories. Surely web viewers would want to reach such write-ups. Not only can they enjoy those things but they might also get inspired as well. You might also want to do feature articles regarding the greatest fights in the history of boxing. Surely you would get readers for those.

Diet tips for boxers

Your website must be a good source for dietary tips. When you train with your clients, you usually focus on physical workouts. But diet is very important in boxing. And once they get home, you have no idea as to what kinds of junk foods they are eating. Thus, you might want to post in your website some dietary plans and meal guides for your clients to follow.

The latest news in boxing

It might also be interesting to post articles about the latest news in boxing. You can have feature articles on upcoming fights. Who is going to fight who? What are the stakes for a particular fighter? Who was robbed of his belt and who robbed that belt from him? Has anybody been replaced in the pound for pound rankings? Are there any boxer boxing fans should definitely keep their eyes on? It is important to post fresh news as these are what viewers would love to see on your website.

Apply these tips and your website would definitely get more visitors. If you are planning to change the layout of your website, you can always get a template from Bodysitebuilder.

How To Be A More Convincing Personal Trainer


Are you a personal trainer? Personal trainers are in demand nowadays. After all, so many people are really concerned about their health. But of course, you have to make sure you stand out especially since there are also tons of personal trainers out there. Do you want to be a more convincing personal trainer and someone whom people would definitely want to hire? Here are some awesome tips for you to check out:

Your skills must be manifested in your body

You say that you can help people loose fat. You say that you can help those abdominal muscles that they yearn for. You say that you can help them look leaner and be stronger. All of these promises would be irrelevant if you are an obese and unhealthy-looking trainer. How can you help people have better health when you do not appear to have good health? When you include an image of you in a business card, poster, or website, make sure that you look like a person who practices what he preaches.

You must have a lot of positive feedback

Positive feedback from your previous clients is important. How else would target clients know that you are an effective trainer if nobody from your past clients is commending you? If you do not have positive reviews and nobody is recommending you, then others would think that you are a bad trainer. Of course, there are tons of people out there who are very skeptical about personal trainers that offer their services. So if you ever get positive reviews, make sure you include these things in your advertisement tools. The more your positive reviews are and the more flattering they are, the better.

You must be really willing to help

It is important for potential clients to see you as somebody who would really be willing to help. You should not be that kind of personal trainer who only wants to train clients and get their money. You must be that trainer who has a heart that really loves people. Clients like that. Your good intents must be manifested in the way you advertise as well as in the way you communicate to potential clients. Clients must feel that you are that somebody they can rely on.

You should have an easily accessible website for your online presence

Having a website is very important nowadays if you have a personal business. Almost everybody is online and that is why it is very practical to do your marketing online. If you have a website, you have your own presence in the World Wide Web. Now, your website must be something that does not simply pass satisfactory levels. It must be outstanding – organized and very navigable. If your clients are impressed with your website, then there is a big chance for them to hire you.

At Bodysitebuilder, we offer amazing web templates that are very suitable for personal trainers like you. When you do get a template from us, do consider applying the tips which have been mentioned above.

Creating A Website For Your Gym: The Importance Of Proper Navigation


If you are starting a gym or other similar facility, one of the most important things you can do is to make sure that you get a website for it. Today, there are many people who use the internet to find various goods and services. Not leveraging on this to make your gym more marketable is going to deny you an opportunity to do some easy but very effective marketing. In addition to that, you can easily get a custom made site without much of a hassle these days means that you don’t even need to worry about issues regarding cost or the complexity of the process.

Making your site more practical

If you are thinking of getting a site for the business, you also need to keep in mind that not just anything can do. Most people that a site, even if it’s just a plain one, is likely to turn out to be more than okay for such an application. However, you need to remember that most people these days are internet savvy, and will demand for more than just a plan site. In fact, if you end up with one that is too basic, you may end up scaring them away rather than encouraging them to use the services you offer. It is for this reason that you should always try to make your site more special. One of the most important things you can do in this regard is make it easy to navigate.

What are some of the things you can do to make it more navigable?

There are many things that determine how navigable a site is. These include how easy it is to see the hyperlinks in the text, the nature of the toolbar, the quality of the footer and how visually complex the site is in general. These are things that you should therefore pay attention to when designing the site in order to ensure that people using it don’t have much of a problem with navigation.

For instance, you need to ensure that the hyperlinks are set up in such a manner that they are distinct from all other text on the pages, and that they are easy to find. It’s also very important that you avoid cramming too much data on the site in the form of widgets, images and text. This makes the site very busy, and can make it more difficult for people to figure out how to get from one resource to the other.

All in all, it’s important that you try to be very thorough when coming up with the site for your gym, spa or any other similar business. The issue of navigation is an example of one that you should never take for granted. Making sure that the site is intuitive and very easy to use is actually a very powerful marketing tool, and one that you can’t therefore afford to neglect.

After putting the above in mind in designing the site’s navigation, you might also want to have a third party try to use it in order to identify navigation problems before you launch the site. This is an easy way of catching mistakes that you might have otherwise missed out on.

5 Best Personal Training Templates For Your Fitness Website


If you are designing a fitness website, one of the easiest ways to go about it is by using a web design template. Using one of these, you can have a high quality website up and running in virtually no time, and all without having to worry about issues such as complex underlying code. Bodysite Builder has a number of templates that are more than ideal for use in designing a personal training website. Five of the more popular of these templates include:

Fast Track

This is a template that goes easy on the eye, with a minimalist but elegant look. The template has minimal clutter, which means that people seeing any site based off it will find it easy to navigate and find the information that they need. The fact that it is a no-frills template also means that maintaining it is very easy as well.


If you are interested in having a website that has lots of information laid out in a manner that is not overwhelming, this template is the best one for you. At first glance, it looks simple enough, without any clutter or too much media. However, each page has the potential to hold lots of information and links to other utilities and pages.


The vital template is designed to offer essential information on the web page in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Links to other pages within the site are via tabs, which gives the page a clean, elegant look. It also has just enough room for a few images to give the page some life, but without overloading it with media. The fact that this template is so simple also means that the resultant websites are likely to be less data intensive for your potential customers. In fact, the site is likely to open fast, even when viewed from a mobile device!


There are times when you may want the page to be bold and attractive, and the Vision template would be the best candidate for this. You can use multiple colors as the backgrounds for the top and bottom of the page. This allows you to use color combinations that evoke mental images of activity and vigor, which is what you want when designing a fitness website. When you combine this with the appropriate pictures, you will end up with a site that will make people want to try out your services even before reading the text on the page.


This template makes use of comforting, earthy colors for the background. It has also been laid out in such a manner that all the important links are visible and within easy reach. Your customers are unlikely to have a difficult time finding whatever they want on the site if you use this template to put up your site. It also has a professional look and feel, which gives your business the same powerful impression.

These are just 5 of the more popular fitness templates you can get from Bodysite Builder. If you want to build such a website to look professional without having to spend much money on it, you could simply visit the site to explore the above and many other templates to select the one that suits your needs.

10 Basic Tricks For Your Website To Blossom

Whether you are offering chiropractic services or are a fitness trainer, you want to have a website that will entice both new and existing customers. There is nothing like a clunky and cluttered website to drive away customers. Here are great tips for improving the key aspects of your website in order to make it enticing and attractive, and blossom into a real winner on the net.


Put a good thought into site layout so that your visitors can navigate easily. All important sections should be listed prominently and if possible, link as many pages coherently as this move allows your site to be user-friendly.


Branding is key and you want to incorporate memorable elements such as your logo and color scheme into your website. Your company logo should be prominent on the home page and make sure you put it in all subsequent pages so as to promote your brand.

Home page

This is the first contact with your visitors so make sure that they are able to tell immediately what this website is all about. If the fitness training service is your line of business, then putting call to actions like “get started now” or “buy now” should be visually prominent on your home page.


If you sell services or products online, make sure to provide complete and clear information to give your prospective customers the confidence to click and buy. Putting too much content on a page can make your audience get afraid to scroll down. However, too little content can make your customers suspicious too so strike a right balance.

Refresh content

If you want to draw your customers back, then you need to update your content often. A blog can be a great way to renew your content because you don’t have to make lots of changes on the code.

Think SEO


As you design your site, put those search engine optimization aspects in mind. Splashy graphics and photos can be great, but they cannot be read well by search engines. You can have a text link that prompts audience to view your portfolio instead of a using a graphical button. Texts are easily read by search engines.


Using complementary colors can make your text easily readable. For example, don’t clash colors such as text in red color placed on a blue background. This will make it hard to read and can turn off visitors.

Be accessible

Always ensure that your contact information is at the top or bottom of each and every page of your web site.


Did you know that music that plays automatically when visitors load your page can be an automatic turnoff? If you have sound, make sure it is easily and pleasantly disabled. The same goes for videos; if possible, have a button requesting your visitors to play the video to see what you offer or how things are done – only if your video is great!


We all know the power of pictures and images. If for instance you are training people for physical fitness, then you should know that good photography is key by showing how you actually train and a few photos of yourself looking fit while training will certainly help!

Bodysite Builder offers complete websites for professions such as fitness trainers, physical therapists, massage therapists and chiropractors among others. Our websites are easily customizable and you can edit them easily to suit your changing needs!

2 Ways to Keep Your Body Working Business Organized Through the Holidays

 Whether you run a massage therapy, fitness training, or a physical therapy business, we all get the same amount of stress over the holidays.  It can get hectic and overwhelming with keeping up with your business and your life outside of work already, so the holidays can end up having an opposite effect then the reason they were created for (you know, that word called “joy”).  And since we appreciate our customers so much, we thought we could help some of you out over the holiday season by first, taking a few deep breaths and slowly letting it out, and then follow the next two tips.


 1.   Make Everything Digital

This will help your business tremendously! If you are on the go with your business and always have your phone on you, this will be especially helpful for you.  Link your appointment calendar that’s on your website to give you text message alerts to let you know when you have new appointments, let your clients know that you are available via e-mail, and make client forms digital and “file” them in a tablet or to your computer.

 2.   Make A Lot of To-Do Lists

Need to organize those drawers of paper work and pens you have all over the place?  Need to catch up on the latest techniques and research for your field?  Want to check in with some clients that you haven’t from in a while?  Make a to-do list of all the things you need to catch up on, and prioritize them.  There are apps on all the smart phones now that can help with this, and the iPhone even comes with it’s own To-Do list called “Reminder”.  And if it helps you more to do it the old fashioned, pen-to-paper kind of way, by all means, please do it!  Whatever you feel most comfortable with.

4 Ways to Get More Fans on Your Business Facebook Page

In the beginning of setting up your business Facebook page, it can be a little slow and discouraging when trying to get it started.  Here are some ways to get the ball rolling on increasing you fanbase. 

1.)   Suggest to Your Friends

This should be your first step when you make your Facebook page.  If you didn’t, don’t worry, you can do it now.  In your Facebook’s admin panel, there will be a little box on the right that says, “Invite Friends” on it.  It should come up with a list that shows your friends.  Click on the “invite” button to invite your friend to like your page.  This helps, because when your friend “likes” your page, it will appear in their friend’s feed, giving your business page more exposure.

2.)   Put a “Like Us” Box Up

You’ve probably seen this before.  On a business’s website, they will have a little box that has the Facebook thumbs-up symbol, and says, “Like Us on Facebook!”  Add one of these to your business’ website and/or blog.   This will attract the customers you have already to become a fan on your Facebook.  You might even want to ask them to like your Facebook page in person. 

3.)   Interact with Users You Already Have

Produce great content, and post it to your Facebook page.  Ask your fans questions, and try to get them involved.  The more responses and replies you get the more exposure to other people’s newsfeed you get.  Ultimately, this means more possible fans.

4.)   Pay for Them

This might seem like an easy way out, but it a foolproof way of getting more fans.  Facebook is very particular in the way they do advertising, and exposure, and it works the best to do it through them.  On Facebook, there is a button that says “Promote Page” and click on it.  It will pop up with a daily budget that you can select, depending on how much you would like to spend.  After selecting your budget, you can edit the duration of how many days you would like to run this ad.  You pay for it, then Facebook takes care of the rest, and the Facebook fans start to roll in.  Simple as that.


3 Ways to Give Your Clients a Holiday Treat!

The holiday season has arrived, and everyone is spreading the love and cheer.  Try not to forget to show your clients your appreciation for their business (and friendship) by doing something nice for them in exchange for coming to you with their trust.  So, for this holiday season, for the customers that have been giving so much support to your business, let’s give them something in return!


 1.     Send them a Holiday Greetings Card with a Twist

Why not buy a pack of holiday cards, or design and print a pack of holiday cards that have something to do with the type of business you have, and send them out to your clients.  You could go with your most frequent customers, or you could send them to all of them to try to get one-timers to come back.  Slip a coupon that is good for the next time they come in, and offer 10-15% off the service or product they buy with the presentation of the coupon.  This will guarantee that they come in, and it will generate more business for you. Just remember to put an expiration date on the offer!

 2.    Send a Newsletter or Social Media Announcement with a Gift

Take a moment out of your busy week, and write up a short message expressing your gratitude towards your customers, and give them a gift of an extra 10 minutes added onto their massage (or another service you provide) if they book it in between December 15, and January 10.  Of course you can mix and match to however you wish, and make it to your own liking.

 3.    Make a Gift-Basket Raffle

This is a quick and easy way to do something nice as a gift to your clients.  The only con is that there is only one gift basket to give away. In the gift basket, you should include a gift certificate, and products that you recommend or sell.  Announce it with a photo on your social media platforms, and tell your clients that if they come in for a massage from you in the months of December and January, you will give them two raffle tickets to enter for the gift basket.  One lucky winner will get the gift basket to take home!