What Do The Professional Websites Strive To Avoid?

w4u-therapyThe major question on many business owner’s minds is how to grow from a small startup to major force in the marketplace. Success in business is all about filling a gap – meeting a need that people have by providing a service that people want. Knowing your clients & their needs is crucial, and trying your best to meet those needs should be foremost in your mind. Once you’ve got a handle on which of those needs your business will attempt to meet you can focus your website on achieving those ends.

The most effective and crucial part of and business in the twenty first century is the website. It is vital to have a website that is functional, well run and maintained to help you increase your sales and client base. This is because many people have embraced convenience of shopping and researching from the comfort of their homes. So how do you make it easy for them and profitable for you?

The Wrong Colors

Color says a lot about your company and the spirit of your management. Many online businesses fail because the colors on their websites are not friendly or don’t appeal to the customer demographic. Image consultants advise choosing neutral colors for the basic elements of the site and using brighter colors to draw visitors attention to the elements you want them to focus on – like “Book Now” and “Buy Now” buttons.

You already know more about color theory and how people react to certain hues than you probably realize. Bright shades of red mean “stop” or “danger” to most people, whereas greens are inviting and inspire one to proceed – or “go”. Darker blues lend an air of durability and trust, while lighter blues and blue-greens are very soothing and calming. Colors work on people unconsciously. They may not be able to tell you why they like certain websites – they may tell you that they “just do”. But odds are, they’re connecting to the color scheme in some way.

Irrelevant Information

The information you choose to display on your website must be relevant to what you sell and in line with the mission and values of your business. Keep the main pages of your site light on “copy”, or text and heavy on graphics and photography – use “read more” links to allow people who are interested to drill down deeper and read more. The top-level pages of your website are like the ads on a storefront window – they’re intended to grab your attention and encourage you to come inside and look around.

Be sure that all the information on your website is up to date and relevant. A blog that hasn’t been updated in 6 months or a year will seem stale even if the content is interesting and well written. Make a point to have areas of your site that you update weekly, or at the very least monthly so that returning visitors can see that they’re dealing with a vibrant, active company.

Broken  Stuff

Do all the links on your site actually work? What about your forms? When’s the last time you checked? Performing regular maintenance on your website is just as important as it is on your car. Things do tend to break. Content and pages get added, menu items get renamed, photos get changed. Check all the clickable elements on your site once and a while – a full site “audit” will keep the online face of your business blemish-free and will show your visitors your attention to detail.

8 Benefits of Quality Web Design

There’s no doubt that quality web design is incredibly valuable – but how? What are the real benefits of hiring a professional webpage designer? Some may not believe that paying to have someone design their website will help them bring in more business, but this isn’t the case. Here is how quality web design can benefit your business:



  1. Consistent brand identity. It’s all about the big picture. Professional webpage designers help to create your brand identity across a variety of contexts, such as your website, logo, business cards, and even your social media profiles. Having a consistent brand identity for your business will give you a competitive advantage over other businesses that seem to be all over the place.

  2. More visitors on your page. Clicks are not what you should be focusing on. Instead, you want visitors who actually browse through your page looking for more information. Most people will leave your site once they get a glimpse of it, but with a high-quality web design, visitors will be more inclined to stick around and show interest.

  3. More leads. By using calls-to-action in your webpage design, you are encouraging visitors to explore. Calls-to-action allow your visitors to “sign up,” “buy now,” or “read more,” so that they can navigate around your site, learn more, and potentially become a customer.

  4. Distinction from competitors. Designing a webpage just to have a webpage won’t cut it. Many websites have the same appearance, which can become pretty dull for visitors. A webpage might say the right things and have a decent layout, but what makes it stand out? Be sure to provide quality content that offers your unique selling points in one clear visual message.

  5. Structured content with a purpose. Content and design need to be perfectly aligned on your site. Nobody wants to take the time to decode what you’re trying to say – large portions of text, confusing navigation, and complicated calls to action are visitor repellent. Professional designers make your content clear and direct so that people clearly understand your message and know what you want them to do.

  6. Polished details. It may not seem like it, but fonts, spacing of text, and colors are all details that make a significant difference in the quality of your webpage design. These factors affect the readability and functionality of your page. By properly adjusting these details, you are creating a good flow for your page and coming of as more professional.

  7. Save in the long run. It’s not worth your time or money to settle on a cheaper design service that doesn’t put out quality work. Down the road, you’ll find yourself spending even more money on that webpage that constantly needs dramatic upgrades and adjustments. However, by hiring a high-quality web designer to create and manage your website, you won’t have to worry about having the page frequently redone.

8. Room for development. A quality web designer builds a solid foundation for your webpage, meaning that after the site has been created, it’s easy to go back and make small improvements if you’d like. It doesn’t matter if you want to change a simple color or add a whole new product or service, your page will already have strong groundwork and you won’t have to start building from scratch.



7 Ways to Get Better Google Ranking

Google’s uses several different methods to determine which pages are displayed first in the search results. No, we don’t know their formula – it’s a secret – but there are a few tricks than can help improve your positioning. We like to call this: Search Engine Optimization. These tips may not make you number one on the list, but they’re sure to help boost your ranking.


  1. Keyword Phrases. You don’t need to focus on one single word.  Instead, create a keyword phrase, but don’t overdo it. If it sounds spammy, then it probably is. Imagine you are searching for your own website – what phrase would you type into Google? It may even be helpful to ask your friends opinions for a different perspective. Google Adwords is a great tool to help determine the most popular keywords and phrases for you to use.

  2. Density. When cataloging pages, Google pays close attention to the density of keyword usage, or how often the keyword occurs. It’s important to use natural phrasing, so don’t overload a page with the same word over and over in an attempt to trick the search engine. The beginning of your page should have a strong paragraph that explains the topic of the page. This will help search engines find your page more easily.

  3. Name Your Pages. It is crucial to give your pages descriptive names with the <title> attribute. Google shows search results as a link using the title of a file2241286730241webpage – who wants to click on a link in Google that doesn’t have a title? You may even want to include the page’s keyword phrase in the title.

  4. Link Often. The use of hyperlinks is a vital factor in improving your Google ranking. Google pays attention to links both to and from your website, as well as the words you incorporate in your links to determine the content of your page. You can use these links to place emphasis on keywords. For example, instead of saying “Click here to learn more about Keywords” you could say, “Read more about Keywords and Key Word Phrases”.

  5. Social Networking. Social networking sites, while a great way to promote your website, aren’t the best way to improve your rank on Google.  However, Google+ promotion might be an exception.

  6. Have Search Friendly Graphics. It’s best to avoid Flash on your webpage; it may be a nice visual, but search engines tend to look past it. Give your images <alt> attributes – this will make your website better for the visually impaired and allows you to place your keywords in Google’s sight.

        7.   Good Design Is Key. Pages with higher ranking in Google are usually very organized and strong. By creating a good, well-organized design for your page, you’re sure to improve your Google ranking.

3 Key Elements for a Massage Therapy Webpage Design

In today’s society, when a person is in pain and feels they need professional help, that person jumps on the computer, types in what hurts, and takes action based on the results of that search. This is where your webpage comes into play. Message therapists create websites in order to obtain new clients more easily. However, without the proper webpage design with the necessary style elements, the webpage might not be as effective as it could be. The following three tips will help your message therapy webpage drive more traffic and help you get more clients.

1. Communication. Communication is essential in a profession like massage therapy. Your services focus on the well being of your clients, so it’s important to assure your clients that you hear what they are saying and focusing on their scrnshtneeds. Your website can reassure your patients that they can easily address theirs concerns, whether it’s in the form of a commenting or chat system. If you choose to allow comments, you should provide a field where your clients can enter an email address so that their answers can be sent to them.

2. Navigation. Easy navigation is a crucial factor for any business website. Those who have difficulty navigating on a webpage tend to become discouraged and move on to another website. Don’t make things difficult to find – your layout should be user-friendly. Second, you have to make sure that your chiropractic web design has easy navigation.

3. Organization. Have you ever found yourself overwhelmed by the amount of content on a page, leaving you to leave the page? If so, you then know the effectiveness of a clean, minimalistic website design. As a massage therapist, you want your clients to feel at ease, and a well-organized, neat page can help achieve this. Stick with neutral hues that are easy on the eyes and avoid distracting clutter. If a picture isn’t completely relevant, then you don’t need it.

These elements are helpful in tidying up and improving a webpage, and are easily obtainable with the help of a professional website creator. A website creator has expertise in webpage layouts and can help you decide what style and elements are best for your business. As a massage therapist, your focus should be on the needs of your clients, not whether your website needs a facelift. Instead, have a webpage designer give you a hand.

How Your Massage Therapy Business Could Benefit From Creating A Website

9865574684_7a2c09c005Massage therapy businesses are becoming very popular these days. Studies and research works have been showing the great benefits that one could get from a massage therapy. Relaxation, treatment of muscle pain, and relief from anxiety – these are just some of the great benefits that one could get from a massage therapy parlor.

You might have a massage parlor or clinic of your own and that means you have an idea on how profitable a business like that could be. But have you ever considered getting a website for your business? Well, here are some reasons why your massage therapy clinic would benefit from having an official site:

Make your business known to the world

First of all, a website will create a presence in the web for your business. The online world is somehow a separate dimension from the actual world and you need to market your business there. Most people spend their time surfing the net these days and even business transactions are already being dealt online. Thus, it would definitely be beneficial if your business exists in the online world. It will help more clients know more about your massage clinic.

Let your business look more professional

Also, a website could make your business look more professional and well-established. Most people these days try to learn more about massage clinics by surfing for them in the net. And what would happen if they do not find an official site of your massage clinic? As they say, first impressions last. That is why you would want to impress your soon-to-be clients. When you create a website, do not just create one for the sake of having one. Try to make it look great and professional as possible.

Cater easily to your clients

Clients or costumers deserve the best treatment. It would definitely be easier for you to cater to their needs by having a website. With a website, you would be able to answer their inquiries. In the industry of physical massage, most costumers have a lot of questions to throw. A website could also be used to take orders from your clients. Ordering online is one of the trends in the business world these days.

Eliminate the costs of printed materials

Among the traditional way of promoting a certain business is the giving away of flyers and brochures. You would have to print these materials in case your business starts to change its rates or in case there are promotional offers that you consumers should know of. Well, the costs of printed materials could be eliminated with a website. Simply make updates on your site so that people could know the latest news about your business.

These are just some of the great reasons why you should consider having a website for your physical massage business. Bodysite Builder offers a number of websites which have awesome designs and are perfect for your physical massage business. Choose a subscription plan, customize your website, and it is ready for the world.

What Do You Put Into Your Fitness Website To Draw In The Traffic?

Health is wealth. That is why a lot of people really take time to take care of their health. Good health could always be achieved with two main things – diet and exercise. By eating healthy foods and doing some physical workouts, one would be able to keep fit and stay fit.

6054070902_8b2baa285bToday, there are so many businesses out there which are related to fitness. You might have a fitness business yourself. Well, it would benefit a lot of if you could have a website. A website could help you get a lot of customers and increase the reputation of your business.

Once you are able to keep a site up and running, you have to design it well.The design of your website will have a huge impact on its effectiveness. That is why you should make sure that your site looks great and would have a positive impact on its viewers:


Selecting the right colors is essential. You do not want to combine colors that do not go well with each other. Create a color scheme that is pleasing to the eyes. Some of the colors that you might want to consider include mint green, sky blue, and sunshine yellow. The color of your background and the color of your font should complement each other.


It would be much ideal for you to use not more than three different fonts for your website. That would make your text a lot more readable. Only increase the font size of the texts that you would want to highlight. Most of the words in your site should have the same font size. Try to avoid stylish and fancy fonts as well.


Photos or images can help beautify your site. You might want to post photos of men and women training hard or enjoying some physical exercises. Do not forget to post photos of healthy foods as well. Use images to promote the overall theme of your site which is physical fitness. Try not to post too much photos or they would take away the focus from the text which is more important.


If possible, put the most important details of your business at the home page. This is so that you would be able to grab the attention of the site viewer right away. Aside from the important details, you might also want to consider posting some blog entries. Post articles and reads that your viewers could take interest in. Make sure these reads have very useful and knowledgeable content. In a way, they could help increase the popularity of your site.

If you still have not put up a website for your fitness site, you can always consider Bodysite Builder. Bodysite Builder is your source for amazing pre-built websites that come with interesting templates and designs. Different subscription plans are available. Choose one that suits your budget and business needs. From Bodysite Builder, you could expect nothing but the best customer services. Customize you site according to your tastes and you could start expecting more viewers.

Why Do You Need A Website For Your Massage Business?

As a massage therapist, it’s imperative that you try and find ways of making your business known. When you have just started such a business, you may need to find ways of marketing it to increase your revenue. One of the most effective ways of doing this is through the use of the internet. These days, a large number of people look to the internet in order to find information about products and services they need. When you have your services online, it becomes much easier for you to get the new customers you need.

This often means making sure that you get your own business website. Of course, you can make your business have an online presence without this. For instance, you could open a social media page for the site. However, getting a dedicated website makes it easier for you to create the kind of image that will boost your business. If you are interested in doing this, there are a number of features you should make sure your site has, since this will increase its effectiveness. Some of these include:

An appealing design


When creating a website for a massage business, you always have to make sure that it has an appealing design. This is because the quality of the design will have an impact on the impression that people get of the company. If you have a shoddily done site, people will associate this with lack of professionalism. They are unlikely to visit the massage parlor in such cases, since they imagine that they will not get good value for money. In essence, the quality of the site can attract or repel customers.

Information about your location

It does not make sense for you to get such a site and not use it to direct people to the business premises. When you are running a massage parlor, you may need to include a few features in the site to ensure that people can find the business easily. One of the most effective of these is a Google map that shows where the company is. This way, people an easily locate the company even without having to call you to ask for directions.

A clear structure

The website also needs to have a clear structure that makes it easy for people to navigate it. When you have a site that has problems such as missing links, it becomes very frustrating to find information on it. This means that potential customers may end up taking their business elsewhere if they think that they can’t benefit much from your site.

As you can see, there is a lot that has to be done to ensure that a massage services site is effective. At Bodysite Builder, we make it very easy for you to create such a site and use it for your marketing purposes. We have lots of premade templates, which means that you can simply pick one and have your site up and running in a matter of minutes. All of them are designed to offer the best experience for both webmasters and visitors.

Building A Massage Studio Website: 3 Features To Emphasize

When you own a massage studio, one of the things you will definitely need to do is get a website for it. This is because more often than not, the success of such a company will depend on how many people get to know about it. By getting a website, you will effectively increase how much people know about it. However, simply getting a massage therapy website is not going to guarantee you the success you want. To ensure that you get good value for money, you would need to ensure that the site is properly designed.

In order to do this, there are a few issues you would need to focus on. These include:



As you run a massage shop, you may need the site for different purposes. For instance, some people would need one so that clients can easily make reservations, while others may need it as a marketing tool. Whatever your needs are, one thing you should never compromise is the usability of the site. Ideally, it should be designed in such a manner that any user who comes across it will not have much of a problem finding what they need on it. This usually calls for intelligent design and testing of the site before deploying it.

An uncluttered appearance

Massage is normally associated with relaxation and comfort. When you design a website for a new massage parlour, you may need to have this show in the web design. This means that it should be designed in such a manner as to make anyone looking at it feel comfortable. This means making sure that all the elements in the site are properly arranged, and that the color scheme chosen also reflects this.

Information richness

If your site has to be effective, you may need to keep an eye on the quality of information that you offer on it. Ideally, the site needs to be set up in such a manner that anyone who visits it will end up gaining a lot of information from it. This way, you can then convince them to try some of your products. For instance, instead of just promoting the business, you can also use the site to provide some information about the benefits of massage to different kinds of people. This will encourage more people to try your services.

These are just some of the qualities a good massage parlor website needs to have in order to work. This means that if you are to build a site from scratch, you would need to pay a lot of attention to these details in order to make them work. In addition to that, you may need to have a high degree of proficiency in web design to pull it off.

At BodySite Builder, we make it easy for you to get this kind of site without having to spend a lot of time and money doing it from scratch. We have all the elements needed to create a top notch massage therapy website. All you need to do is sign up for the service and then plug in all you need in the site from our wide variety of elements such as graphics offered.

4 Important Elements That Should Not Be Missing From A Fitness Home Page

If you are a fitness specialist, you certainly know that first impressions matter a lot. You usually have a few minutes to impress a prospective client before he or she can decide to hire you as a personal trainer. If you think marketing yourself through a website is an easier option then you are terribly mistaken.

It is true that a great fitness website will go a long way in advancing your fitness career, but only if you do it right. You only have about 8 seconds to leave a permanent impression on any visitor to your site. It all starts with the home page. Here are some of the things to include on your home page to ensure the visitors remain on your site:

Description of the company and featured products

fitness-sThe main reason visitors come to your website is to find out more about you as a personal trainer, your company, services and products if any. Offer a precise description of your company and what you do. Mention the specific areas of specialization, and do not forget to be brief. Do not confuse the home page with the ‘About Us’ page, where you write about the company history, where you started how you go to that point and so on. It is also vital to highlight a few services or products you offer on the home page to keep the visitor interested.

Customer interaction

A fine way to show your visitors credibility right away is to integrate logos from well-known press, customers and affiliated companies on the home page. You can also opt to include a ‘call-to-action’ button to generate instant responses from your visitors. This will require them to sign up or sign in your website, thus staying longer on your site.

Events and news

Highlighting up-coming events and news on your home page is a fine way to let visitors know that your fitness website is up to date. For instance, you can include the dates of an up-coming fitness seminar; you can offer news for new methods of training, training equipment, facilities and such like stuff. However, avoid the temptation of allocating too much space for news and events on your home page. The idea is to show the headlines of these news events and link them with the actual pages on your site dedicated to the news and events.

Best visuals for your homepage

Just like a fit and healthy body is attractive to the eye, so is a visually appealing website. This means your overall look must be beautiful and inspiring. One way you can achieve that is by remaining relevant to your niche. It would not make any sense having a sports car background on your home page while you are talking about fitness.

When deciding what images to use on your homepage, ensure that they are not too big since they can affect the loading speed of the page. In addition, ensure that your visitors do not need to scroll right or left before they are able to see the information.

What Are The Fundamental Aspects Of A Lucrative Fitness Website?

If you are a fitness enthusiast on an upcoming personal trainer, an important way to market yourself is to create an effective website. Many new fitness experts are wondering how they can do that. There are numerous tools available out there, that can help you design a good website.

Nevertheless, you must realize that a fitness website is different from other websites. You must be able to focus on the value of fitness while not forgetting the business aspect. You must achieve three main things to if you want the website to be successful. These are:

Creation of valuable content

female-doing-aerobics-exercise-sThe success of any website starts and ends with valued content. There is no other way of going about it. If your readers value and enjoy what you write, they will certainly come back repeatedly. You must always remember the website is about your readers not you. It is vital to know who your audience is and what exactly they are looking for.

Some many want some advice on general health and fitness. Others want some insight on extreme strength training while others want to lose their body fat and enhance their appearance. One of the most amazing things about fitness is that you can approach the subject through numerous unique ways. Just chose one niche that you are passionate about and stick to it.

Channeling your content

There is a huge difference between generating great content and getting people to read it. It is fun to write as long as what you are creating is being read. Nothing is more frustrating that having a website that you and a few close people in your life only visit. Thus, you must learn to channel your content. Social media is here to stay.

Therefore, use Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube or one of the many social networks to spread word of your website. As long as you have great content on your site, then spreading the word will be so easy via these outlets. To be able to channel your content to popularize your site, you need a strong social media presence. Start by creating a Facebook page and a Twitter account for your business.

Being consistent

One of the most important aspects of keeping your website successful is to keep writing. Regardless of the climate, good days, or even bad days, you have to maintain consistency. Fitness is a continuous process and so should your blog. You have to keep adding new content to keep visitors coming back and not being disappointed every time. Starting a fitness website is easy but maintaining one takes real effort.

It is important to continue educating yourself through DVDs, seminars, webinars and such like things so that you will never run out of things to write for your website. You must also maintain a fitness routine and continue to train people. The more you strive to learn and develop, the more you will desire to share on your site. Your webpage will become an extension of your transformation.