How to Turn Your Fitness Knowledge Into Cash Online


If you are a fitness professional and you’re interested in working online or just earning a little cash to supplement you’re current income then you’re in luck. Fitness and health are huge industries online and are some of the most popular niches for websites, eBooks and a range of services. All you need to decide is which business model appeals to you most.

Services Vs Products

To this end you can roughly divide your options into two. On the one hand you can provide some kind of service and get paid for the amount of work you do, or on the other you can sell a product and potentially get money passively while you sleep. A passive business model that makes money while you sleep might sound like a great idea and indeed it’s a good goal to aim for, but bear in mind that services tend to provide you with more reliable income that will pay out much faster as well.

Examples of Services

The most obvious service to provide as a fitness expert is personal training and you can easily offer this online by working through Skype, through e-mail or through other services. Of course this doesn’t give you the same hands-on benefits that you would get from standing next to your client in the gym yelling at them to carry on, but you can still help design a great training program and then talk them through it. You can sell these from a website and there are many sites that offer personal training website templates. Another option is to use a site like Fiverr to drum up some quick business initially and then to try to expand that clientele.

Other services could also include fitness writing – you could write for other fitness websites – or even modelling if you have a muscular physique yourself.

Examples of Products

The easiest product to sell in the fitness niche is an eBook which should have an eye-grabbing title and a ‘landing page’ to help promote it. Failing that, you could alternatively use your website itself to bring money in by using advertising to sell other people’s products.

Similarly you can sell an app on the Play Store or on iTunes, or you can create a YouTube channel and then monetise that with advertising. People search for workouts and fitness advice on YouTube all the time, so if you upload regular videos and then include adverts on them you can quickly rack up an impressive amount of income for doing relatively little. Physical products work too, and if you can find an easy way to manufacture and ship them this is actually still the best way to make money online – studies show that people are more likely to spend money on a physical product than an e-book or ecourse.

Of course there’s also the option to think outside the box and to come up with something different – the web is a fantastic tool for bringing business ideas to fruition so get creative and there’s no telling what you might achieve!