Mobile Marketing – Developing A Loyal Client Base For Your Massage Business


Trying to conquer the ever-changing social media frontier can be an endless and time-consuming process for any massage therapy business. The popularity of mobile devices has meant that most people are more likely to use their mobile gadgets to access the internet. Mobile marketing is an easy to use form of technology that requires very little time and investment. You can generate repeat business without spending money on costly advertising.

When you decide to use mobile marketing to engage your clients, you need to find out the most effective way to utilize the tools available. Following are some useful tips that will come in handy.

Using incentives

One great way to build loyalty among your current clients is by offering incentives to get them to register for your mobile club. Offering a discount is a great incentive that is bound to get you the attention you need. After the first appointment, give the clients a card that offers them a discount when they sign up to receive the messages that you post. Most people will respond positively to this type of message because they know they will save money.

Engage readers

To ensure success, it is important to give people a reason to keep coming back. Once the clients have signed on to receive the messages, you need to find the best way to encourage them to stay loyal. The content you include in the messages will determine whether or not they keep returning and you should consider including information like any new services you offer. Send out holiday greetings, surveys and other messages that will engage your readers.

Send reminders

Regular messaging will help to keep your clients loyal. Keep the communication coming during slow and busy seasons. Do not wait until you have a slump in business to start sending messages. You can increase sales when the business is slow, while also sending the clients reminders and special offers. Research has shown that many people prefer getting text messages than actual calls for non-social or business communication. This is usually the easiest way to communicate and you can reach many people with one message.

Using phone apps

It is important to know that today there is an App for virtually anything. Different tech tools come in very handy for massage businesses. The apps are useful for communication and also as a way to make mobile payments. The convenience of the apps will allow you to conduct your business without issues, by allowing you to streamline your business activities. Online scheduling is made easy using the handy apps because you can schedule your clients from any location.

Engaging your customers through social media will help to ensure that your business remains relevant. It is important to go where the clients are in order to get their attention. Any business that hopes to grow in the current business environment has to use the technology regularly. By engaging your clients using social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Vimeo, and Pinterest, it can allow you to promote your business as being modern, vibrant and exciting.