5 Benefits to Blogging for your Massage Therapy Business

Many people don’t see how blogging can help improve their massage therapy  business – it may seem time consuming or like it takes just too much effort. However, it’s just the opposite. Business blogs are simple to create and relatively easy to maintain once you’ve become comfortable with your writing style and have developed a blogging persona. Plus, there are many benefits that can be gained from your efforts. To name a few:

  1. Search Engine Marketing. Want to be found more easily on Google? A frequently updated, keyword-optimized, relevant blog can seriously improve your ranking. Because blogs are text-based, contain HTML code (search engines like this), and are usually full of links, they are great for improving SEO (search engine optimization).

  2. Direct Communications.  Blogs can help to increase communication between businesses and their customers or potential customers. Once a blog is posted, you have the option of allowing people to comment on the post and give feedback. You can then respond to this feedback, showing your customers that you are interested in hearing what they have to say – this is so important!

  3. Brand Building. You can differentiate your business from the competition through your blog. By creating a blog persona and focusing on the wants and needs of your customers, you are able to deliver a clear message, establish credibility, and create customer loyalty. Blogs allow you to share your expertise, insights, and ideas, while gaining trust from your customers.

  4. Exploit Marketable Niches. Blogs are niche market penetration tools. Use them to target a single topic that’s relevant to your business or industry. For many industries, especially B2B, chances are good that you’ll be first to market – and being a first mover has its advantages.

  5. Lead Generation. By adding effective calls-to-action in your blogs, you are able to better generate leads. However, this does not mean that your blogs should be used as advertisements – you should focus on having blogs that are informative and engaging. A great call-to-action might be a newsletter subscription, ebook download, or a link to another section of your webpage. By offering a link to another part of your site, readers are more likely to spend more time on your webpage, increasing the chance of obtaining their business.

typewriterOne obvious question that always comes to mind when writing blogs is: What do I write about? Here are a few ideas to help get you started:

  • Write about your expertise or passion;

  • Discuss industry trends and breaking news;

  • Take ideas from customer reviews or testimonials;

  • Conduct interviews with industry leaders;

  • Discuss industry research data;

  • Cover your products and services;

  • Everyone loves lists, such as Top 10, 5 Steps, How to, etc.


In order for your blog to show the most results, you should post as often as time allows – the more blog posts, the better. You should try and write blogs that are between 350-600 words at least once a week. However, if you aren’t producing quality content, then you are simply wasting time. People would rather read a blog with substantial, quality content than a blog with no purpose!


How Your Massage Therapy Business Could Benefit From Creating A Website

9865574684_7a2c09c005Massage therapy businesses are becoming very popular these days. Studies and research works have been showing the great benefits that one could get from a massage therapy. Relaxation, treatment of muscle pain, and relief from anxiety – these are just some of the great benefits that one could get from a massage therapy parlor.

You might have a massage parlor or clinic of your own and that means you have an idea on how profitable a business like that could be. But have you ever considered getting a website for your business? Well, here are some reasons why your massage therapy clinic would benefit from having an official site:

Make your business known to the world

First of all, a website will create a presence in the web for your business. The online world is somehow a separate dimension from the actual world and you need to market your business there. Most people spend their time surfing the net these days and even business transactions are already being dealt online. Thus, it would definitely be beneficial if your business exists in the online world. It will help more clients know more about your massage clinic.

Let your business look more professional

Also, a website could make your business look more professional and well-established. Most people these days try to learn more about massage clinics by surfing for them in the net. And what would happen if they do not find an official site of your massage clinic? As they say, first impressions last. That is why you would want to impress your soon-to-be clients. When you create a website, do not just create one for the sake of having one. Try to make it look great and professional as possible.

Cater easily to your clients

Clients or costumers deserve the best treatment. It would definitely be easier for you to cater to their needs by having a website. With a website, you would be able to answer their inquiries. In the industry of physical massage, most costumers have a lot of questions to throw. A website could also be used to take orders from your clients. Ordering online is one of the trends in the business world these days.

Eliminate the costs of printed materials

Among the traditional way of promoting a certain business is the giving away of flyers and brochures. You would have to print these materials in case your business starts to change its rates or in case there are promotional offers that you consumers should know of. Well, the costs of printed materials could be eliminated with a website. Simply make updates on your site so that people could know the latest news about your business.

These are just some of the great reasons why you should consider having a website for your physical massage business. Bodysite Builder offers a number of websites which have awesome designs and are perfect for your physical massage business. Choose a subscription plan, customize your website, and it is ready for the world.

Should You Choose A Custom-Built Website For Your Massage Business?

If you’re a masseuse who’s already understood the benefits of having a website, you are faced with the difficult task of choosing how to get one! There are many ways to get an online presence for absolutely no money such as Weebly but these options are unlikely to give you the professional look that will attract you more customers. If you search online, you are now finding many companies that will create sites specifically for people in your industry such as masseuses, therapists, chiropractors and fitness trainers. Here’s a look at what’s on offer.

How Much Time Do You Have?

site3If you don’t have much time to edit your site and write content, a custom-built website may be for you. You’ll get your own ‘site editor’ program and get to click on what you want to change and edit it right there on the page. These work much like the site builder on Weebly which is incredibly easy to use. You can get an idea of how the page will look as you are writing or adding images. Companies offering custom-built websites will offer simple site builders that let you edit your site on your own.

Do You Want A Professional Look?

Custom-built sites come completely pre-built and ready to launch with all the tools you’ll need to customize them. This is worth paying for if you don’t have the experience or know-how to build a site on your own. The quickest way to test this is to head over to Weebly and try making a site for free. Weebly makes it very easy to write text, insert pictures, add links and so on, but it’s really hard to make it look professional. This will dramatically impact the number of customers you can find. Paying for a custom-built website is far more effective and will pay for itself in terms of increased trade.

Can You Create An Original Design?

It’s the design of custom-built sites that really set them apart from other site builders. If you choose to build a site with a company that offers templates then you have a chance of turning out with a site that looks quite similar to a number of other sites. With a custom-built site, professional designers are doing the hard work for you and giving you a unique and original site based upon your needs. A good example of this would be creating a Swedish-inspired design for a masseuse offering Swedish massage as a specialty. Outsourcing the design of your website will take the pressure off as you won’t have to find professional photos and images by yourself.

Great Customer Service

Ordering a custom-built website will get you fanatic customer service. Most design firms pride themselves on attention to detail. A custom-built website will costs around $30 per month which seems quite high compared with paying for a full website on alternatives like Weebly where you are paying around $7 per month. The big difference is the level of support you receive. With a custom-built website, you get top-quality support to help you edit your website, add a feature like a gift certificate or special offer. You’ll always have someone available on hand to help you through the process.