4 Reasons Why Your Massage Business Needs a Facebook Page

Some business owners think it’s not necessary to have a Facebook page for their business, and others may think they simply don’t have time for it, but not having one could result in losing a potential customer, or worse,  affect your reputation.  We’ve conjured up a list of the BEST four reasons why your business needs to have one.


Engagement with Your Customers- If the customer feels that you care enough about getting to know your community it will boast moral for your business. And since we live in such a digital age, people are turning to social media more as a platform to voice their opinion.  This will help to gain confidence in your customers and reassure them that they made the right choice by choosing you.  It just over is a huge help with networking and building a relationship with customers.


bullseyeYou’ll be easier to find-  Unlike Facebook, searching and finding a website through Google, or Yahoo might be more difficult.  This is because it requires more upkeep with websites due to relevance of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  Facebook has it’s own search engine to help bring in traffic. Just having a Facebook makes it easier for potential clients to find you.


Your (Potential) Customers are Already on Social Media- Sometimes social media has a surprising factor to it, and individuals can discover a new friend, new band, or new business.  By simply using a hashtag or links, it creates discussion among other Facebook users about your company.  Let’s think about it, 350 million global users, 100 million U.S. users, and on average, a Facebook user spends 55 minutes a day on it.


It Helps to Promote Yourself – If you are hosting an event to gain more customers, you could post the event on Facebook, and you will more than likely get more people to come.  Usually the users find the event either through Facebook, or other users that are attending the event.  You could try posting a promotion for your customers to your business Facebook, and generate more income.  In the end, it doesn’t hurt to try.


7 Ways to Get Better Google Ranking

Google’s uses several different methods to determine which pages are displayed first in the search results. No, we don’t know their formula – it’s a secret – but there are a few tricks than can help improve your positioning. We like to call this: Search Engine Optimization. These tips may not make you number one on the list, but they’re sure to help boost your ranking.


  1. Keyword Phrases. You don’t need to focus on one single word.  Instead, create a keyword phrase, but don’t overdo it. If it sounds spammy, then it probably is. Imagine you are searching for your own website – what phrase would you type into Google? It may even be helpful to ask your friends opinions for a different perspective. Google Adwords is a great tool to help determine the most popular keywords and phrases for you to use.

  2. Density. When cataloging pages, Google pays close attention to the density of keyword usage, or how often the keyword occurs. It’s important to use natural phrasing, so don’t overload a page with the same word over and over in an attempt to trick the search engine. The beginning of your page should have a strong paragraph that explains the topic of the page. This will help search engines find your page more easily.

  3. Name Your Pages. It is crucial to give your pages descriptive names with the <title> attribute. Google shows search results as a link using the title of a file2241286730241webpage – who wants to click on a link in Google that doesn’t have a title? You may even want to include the page’s keyword phrase in the title.

  4. Link Often. The use of hyperlinks is a vital factor in improving your Google ranking. Google pays attention to links both to and from your website, as well as the words you incorporate in your links to determine the content of your page. You can use these links to place emphasis on keywords. For example, instead of saying “Click here to learn more about Keywords” you could say, “Read more about Keywords and Key Word Phrases”.

  5. Social Networking. Social networking sites, while a great way to promote your website, aren’t the best way to improve your rank on Google.  However, Google+ promotion might be an exception.

  6. Have Search Friendly Graphics. It’s best to avoid Flash on your webpage; it may be a nice visual, but search engines tend to look past it. Give your images <alt> attributes – this will make your website better for the visually impaired and allows you to place your keywords in Google’s sight.

        7.   Good Design Is Key. Pages with higher ranking in Google are usually very organized and strong. By creating a good, well-organized design for your page, you’re sure to improve your Google ranking.

5 Benefits to Blogging for your Massage Therapy Business

Many people don’t see how blogging can help improve their massage therapy  business – it may seem time consuming or like it takes just too much effort. However, it’s just the opposite. Business blogs are simple to create and relatively easy to maintain once you’ve become comfortable with your writing style and have developed a blogging persona. Plus, there are many benefits that can be gained from your efforts. To name a few:

  1. Search Engine Marketing. Want to be found more easily on Google? A frequently updated, keyword-optimized, relevant blog can seriously improve your ranking. Because blogs are text-based, contain HTML code (search engines like this), and are usually full of links, they are great for improving SEO (search engine optimization).

  2. Direct Communications.  Blogs can help to increase communication between businesses and their customers or potential customers. Once a blog is posted, you have the option of allowing people to comment on the post and give feedback. You can then respond to this feedback, showing your customers that you are interested in hearing what they have to say – this is so important!

  3. Brand Building. You can differentiate your business from the competition through your blog. By creating a blog persona and focusing on the wants and needs of your customers, you are able to deliver a clear message, establish credibility, and create customer loyalty. Blogs allow you to share your expertise, insights, and ideas, while gaining trust from your customers.

  4. Exploit Marketable Niches. Blogs are niche market penetration tools. Use them to target a single topic that’s relevant to your business or industry. For many industries, especially B2B, chances are good that you’ll be first to market – and being a first mover has its advantages.

  5. Lead Generation. By adding effective calls-to-action in your blogs, you are able to better generate leads. However, this does not mean that your blogs should be used as advertisements – you should focus on having blogs that are informative and engaging. A great call-to-action might be a newsletter subscription, ebook download, or a link to another section of your webpage. By offering a link to another part of your site, readers are more likely to spend more time on your webpage, increasing the chance of obtaining their business.

typewriterOne obvious question that always comes to mind when writing blogs is: What do I write about? Here are a few ideas to help get you started:

  • Write about your expertise or passion;

  • Discuss industry trends and breaking news;

  • Take ideas from customer reviews or testimonials;

  • Conduct interviews with industry leaders;

  • Discuss industry research data;

  • Cover your products and services;

  • Everyone loves lists, such as Top 10, 5 Steps, How to, etc.


In order for your blog to show the most results, you should post as often as time allows – the more blog posts, the better. You should try and write blogs that are between 350-600 words at least once a week. However, if you aren’t producing quality content, then you are simply wasting time. People would rather read a blog with substantial, quality content than a blog with no purpose!


Building A Massage Studio Website: 3 Features To Emphasize

When you own a massage studio, one of the things you will definitely need to do is get a website for it. This is because more often than not, the success of such a company will depend on how many people get to know about it. By getting a website, you will effectively increase how much people know about it. However, simply getting a massage therapy website is not going to guarantee you the success you want. To ensure that you get good value for money, you would need to ensure that the site is properly designed.

In order to do this, there are a few issues you would need to focus on. These include:



As you run a massage shop, you may need the site for different purposes. For instance, some people would need one so that clients can easily make reservations, while others may need it as a marketing tool. Whatever your needs are, one thing you should never compromise is the usability of the site. Ideally, it should be designed in such a manner that any user who comes across it will not have much of a problem finding what they need on it. This usually calls for intelligent design and testing of the site before deploying it.

An uncluttered appearance

Massage is normally associated with relaxation and comfort. When you design a website for a new massage parlour, you may need to have this show in the web design. This means that it should be designed in such a manner as to make anyone looking at it feel comfortable. This means making sure that all the elements in the site are properly arranged, and that the color scheme chosen also reflects this.

Information richness

If your site has to be effective, you may need to keep an eye on the quality of information that you offer on it. Ideally, the site needs to be set up in such a manner that anyone who visits it will end up gaining a lot of information from it. This way, you can then convince them to try some of your products. For instance, instead of just promoting the business, you can also use the site to provide some information about the benefits of massage to different kinds of people. This will encourage more people to try your services.

These are just some of the qualities a good massage parlor website needs to have in order to work. This means that if you are to build a site from scratch, you would need to pay a lot of attention to these details in order to make them work. In addition to that, you may need to have a high degree of proficiency in web design to pull it off.

At BodySite Builder, we make it easy for you to get this kind of site without having to spend a lot of time and money doing it from scratch. We have all the elements needed to create a top notch massage therapy website. All you need to do is sign up for the service and then plug in all you need in the site from our wide variety of elements such as graphics offered.

Should You Choose A Custom-Built Website For Your Massage Business?

If you’re a masseuse who’s already understood the benefits of having a website, you are faced with the difficult task of choosing how to get one! There are many ways to get an online presence for absolutely no money such as Weebly but these options are unlikely to give you the professional look that will attract you more customers. If you search online, you are now finding many companies that will create sites specifically for people in your industry such as masseuses, therapists, chiropractors and fitness trainers. Here’s a look at what’s on offer.

How Much Time Do You Have?

site3If you don’t have much time to edit your site and write content, a custom-built website may be for you. You’ll get your own ‘site editor’ program and get to click on what you want to change and edit it right there on the page. These work much like the site builder on Weebly which is incredibly easy to use. You can get an idea of how the page will look as you are writing or adding images. Companies offering custom-built websites will offer simple site builders that let you edit your site on your own.

Do You Want A Professional Look?

Custom-built sites come completely pre-built and ready to launch with all the tools you’ll need to customize them. This is worth paying for if you don’t have the experience or know-how to build a site on your own. The quickest way to test this is to head over to Weebly and try making a site for free. Weebly makes it very easy to write text, insert pictures, add links and so on, but it’s really hard to make it look professional. This will dramatically impact the number of customers you can find. Paying for a custom-built website is far more effective and will pay for itself in terms of increased trade.

Can You Create An Original Design?

It’s the design of custom-built sites that really set them apart from other site builders. If you choose to build a site with a company that offers templates then you have a chance of turning out with a site that looks quite similar to a number of other sites. With a custom-built site, professional designers are doing the hard work for you and giving you a unique and original site based upon your needs. A good example of this would be creating a Swedish-inspired design for a masseuse offering Swedish massage as a specialty. Outsourcing the design of your website will take the pressure off as you won’t have to find professional photos and images by yourself.

Great Customer Service

Ordering a custom-built website will get you fanatic customer service. Most design firms pride themselves on attention to detail. A custom-built website will costs around $30 per month which seems quite high compared with paying for a full website on alternatives like Weebly where you are paying around $7 per month. The big difference is the level of support you receive. With a custom-built website, you get top-quality support to help you edit your website, add a feature like a gift certificate or special offer. You’ll always have someone available on hand to help you through the process.

Why Pay For A Custom-Built Website For My Massage Business?

If you’re a masseuse looking to get an online presence, there’s never been a better time to buy a custom-designed website. Companies are springing up offering tailor-made websites specifically for people in your industry. Here we’ll look at the advantages of buying a custom-built website.

What Is A Custom-Built Website?

site1Traditionally, to get online you’ll need to search for ‘web hosting’ companies that will store and run your website and choose and register a domain name. This is the address that you want your site to have and one domain name is under $13 a year to register. You then need to pay the company for hosting your site and you’ll be able to choose 1, 2 or 3 year packages. Once you’ve done this, you’ll commonly be asked to download what’s called a ‘site builder’ program, the most popular of which is WordPress. This is free and allows you to build a website. A custom-built website charges you one monthly fee (around $30) and does all of this for you, saving you a huge amount of time. This will take the hassle out of choosing and registering a domain name, paying for hosting and building your site.

Can’t I Do It Myself?

Of course you can! WordPress is free and anyone can download and learn how to use it. There is also Weebly which is a lot easier to use than WordPress as you can just drag and drop text and images where you want them. The problem with both of these is that it’s takes the average person a lot of time to create a professional site, and many people create a site that doesn’t look great and doesn’t attract a lot of customers.

Your Custom Website Will Look Professional

site2Paying for a custom-built site at around $30 per month seems like a lot more than the $6 you’d pay for Weebly or a WordPress powered site. The key difference is that a custom-designed website will look far more professional and will get you more trade. Many website owners find that there are limitations with Weebly and with WordPress you eventually find a limit to what you are able to do on your own. You end up having to hire an expert to do things for you. A custom-designed site is constantly updated by professional web designers and experts as part of the fee.

Don’t Forget The Add-ons!

Most people balk at the price of custom-designed sites, thinking that standard web-hosting is far more reasonable. But do the figures really add up? Let’s take the example of Hostgator which offers hosting for under $6 per month if you sign up for a year. Right off the bat, they want to you pay a further $10 to protect your domain and $15 to secure your site. They also try to sell you a $20 service to give you a temporary website while you are busy designing your own. A custom-designed website gets you all of this as part of the price, yet with Hostgator you’ve already shelled out over $125 and you don’t even have a site yet! There’s no guarantee that you’ll even be able to create one on your own. Set yourself up with a trial version of a custom-website today and experience the difference!