What Other Types of Businesses Could BodySiteBuilder.com Could be Used For?

We know that Bodysitebuilder.com is mainly geared toward massage therapists, but some of the themes are easy to interchange across the holistic health board too.  They all have a calming link between them, and all have an underlying theme of becoming a better you without major surgery or prescription medications.  Remember, we can change anything on our templates to give it your business’s personality into your website. Here are just a couple of businesses that could use a BodySiteBuilder website:


1.)  Hypnotherapists

We know there are plenty of hypnotherapists out there that are too busy helping people to sit down and make a website.  We’ve seen some pretty bad designs out there, but none like some of the hypnotherapist’s websites.  Our sites would be much of a step up, and easily interchangeable with colors and texts.  We can insert any photo relating more to the hypnotherapy field, and we have an appointment feature built into the site, already for you to get your business rolling.


2.)  Yoga Instructors

Since most of our themes already have a “calming” theme to them, this would be most easy to make for your business.  Again, just switch out some of the photos for yoga photos, possibly of you in action while teaching. It’s ok to think outside the box, and ask us if we can change something to make it more personal to your business.


3.)  Acupuncturists

Something we’ve noticed here at BodySiteBuilder is the lack of websites for any acupuncturists.  We’re not completely sure why this is, but we are big fans of you acupuncturists out there, and want to help you grow your business as well as helping others.  We can help with your website, and change it to your preference.



4.) Chiropractors

Chiropractors are under the body worker umbrella so it already fits the themes we have.  Of course, we would change the content and photos to be more focused on the spine, neck, and your work.  With us, you are getting the most bang for your buck!


5.)  Nutritionists

Even though they are not technically body workers, they certainly do a lot of good changes in people and the bodies and minds.  Like hypnotherapists, we believe there is not enough good web design being done for these workers to give them justice.  That’s where we come in, and try to save your business, and give you a respectable website.