Why Business Cards are Still a Good Idea to Have?

In today’s technologically advanced world, some may say, “What’s the point of carrying business cards anymore?”  We’ve even questioned this ourselves, but in the long run, they still are an important factor in helping lead a successful business.  Business cards are just as relevant in today’s society, and used for as many purposes as they were 30 years ago.  Yes, we have social media and Internet connectivity, but lest we forget that we make business by communicating with clients and customers face to face, or at least by voice.   We have lost a sense of connection in the digital age that as simple of a device as a card can bring back.  Here are some ways it helps to carry business cards:

Showcase of Your Business’s Personality

It’s easy to go to one of these online, cheap print shops and use their business card templates (which a lot of people do), but this is not the best way to portray to your business, and impress your audience.  With those templates, they’re thousands of other businesses that have the same template, making your uniqueness get lost among the shuffle.  It’s ok to be original and innovative with your design of business card, and in fact, will help you stand out.  Check out these great examples of innovative designs to help get you started.

Physical Representation

A business card should also help with displaying a tone for your future clients.  This design of the card should help them determine if you have a more playful approach with your business, or if you have a more serious undertone.

You Can Leave Stacks of Them for Displays

Since these are easy to carry around in your pocket, it will be easy for you to leave stacks of them at restaurants, offices, or coffee shops that have displays for local businesses.  It’s always been a big help, and it’s a simple old school marketing tip.  Just bring it back to the basics. 


It Still Helps with Networking

Speaking of bringing it back to the basics, carrying a few business cards on you, ready to go, will help your networking opportunities by 100%.  This will help you boost your professional image in the eyes of others, making you seem trustworthy, and reliable.  It’s good to always keep a few on you, in your wallet, because you never know when your going to meet someone that could use your business, or your contact info in the future.