Why the Insanity Workout and P90X Were So Successful


Anyone hoping to make money online in the fitness niche is probably at least somewhat envious of the success of Sean T and his ‘Insanity Workout’. This is a workout that has sold in the millions for a large amount of money and that has pretty much become a house-hold name. It’s the ultimate example of a successful informational program and it’s made the creator incredibly rich and well-known.

So if you’re a personal trainer and you have the skills, it makes a lot of sense to see if you can potentially emulate some of that success.

But just what is it that made Insanity and other programs like it so successful? What’s the secret? And how can you have the same kind of luck?

The Value Proposition

The first thing that makes all these kinds of products so popular is the very clear ‘value proposition’ they offer. ‘Value proposition’ is essentially the key element of whatever it is you’re offering – the net result that people hope to gain by using your product. The Insanity Workout promises to give you a great body, but more than that it also promises to give you great abs, lots of confidence and more attractiveness to the opposite sex. That is where the value proposition really lies.

As a fitness expert your value proposition is naturally going to be similar, but it make sure you make this front and centre in your marketing and keep it as one of the key messages.


Another reason that these programs work so well is that they’re simple and straight forward. These programs lay out a precise workout that anyone can do and then instruct them on precisely when and how they should do them. There is no room for error, and the user can be pretty much guaranteed that by following the routine they will gain some positive results.


All these workouts are also generally very intense. This is very important, because less intensive programs and diets stand the chance of not working. If someone is going to dedicate 90 days to a set program they want to know that it is going to work, and so you making it more intense will actually make it more attractive to the buyer. As long as it’s simple…

Other Points to Consider

Bear in mind though that a product – no matter how good – will never sell itself. If you really want your ebook or course to sell then you need to look into personal trainer websites and advertising to try and spread the word.

Note too that the world is a different place now compared with when these other products were released. Why? Because those products were released and now you’ll have to compete with them. Thus it can be a good idea for anyone trying to emulate that success to a) differentiate themselves significantly and b) potentially aim at a specific portion of the market.

You still can’t guarantee the same success, but even a fraction will be enough for most people!