Easy Site Editing

We've made it so easy to customize and make changes to your site. You work right on your actual pages, simply clicking the area you want to edit and making your changes. There are 3 different edit buttons you'll see in your Control Panel, and each of them lets you edit different kinds of content in different ways. The buttons are:

Editing Text

Text Editing Button

All the text on your site can be edited by clicking the Edit button above it. From withing the editor, you can edit text, insert photos & videos, create tables and lists - anything you want. You'll be able to change fonts, font sizes and font colors.

For inserting code from your other service providers like PayPal and Constant Contact, there's an HTML button that lets you insert code directly into the text area.

Editing Images

Image Editing Button

Changing photos couldn't be easier. Clicking a photo on your site brings up your Image Manager, which comes pre-loaded with great professional photos for you to use. Select one of these or upload your own, and you'll see a crop area. This automatically resizes your photo to fit perfectly within the space of the old photo. No need to buy expensive software like Photoshop to adjust image sizes and save in web-friendly formats - it's all automatic!

Repeating Regions

Repeating Region Button

This feature is very handy. Hovering your mouse over the repeating region button will reveal several options that will enable you to:

  • Duplicate the entire box & its contents
  • Delete a box & its contents
  • Re-order boxes

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